Infinite: The universe has a beginning, but not an end.
Finite: Stars also have a beginning, but perish by the power they possess.
History tells us: it is those who possess intelligence that are the greatest of all fools.
Fish, living in the sea, know not the world of land. If they possessed intelligence, they too would perish.
For fish to begin living on land is ridiculous; humans surpassing the speed of light, even more so.
Let this be considered God's final warning to those who defy Him.


Okabe Rintarou Amane Suzuha
Hashida Itaru Urushibara Ruka
Makise Kurisu Feiris NyanNyan
Shiina Mayuri Kiryuu Moeka

Tennouji Yuugo
Tennouji Nae
Dr. Nakabachi


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