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Chapter 10

Melt / Cause and Effect

Date: 8/16/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571046

Rintarou says that he won't give up, and Kurisu pushes him away. She gets pissed off at him, thinking that he's not taking her seriously, but he also gets pissed at her for that way of thinking. He doesn't consider himself a "god", and can no longer decide who to send off to their death. Kurisu says he can't face the world, but he says he'll still struggle. She doesn't plan on helping him, and has already decided to return to America. She calls him an idiot, and runs off.

He returns to the laboratory, dozing off at the time leap machine. Kurisu comes, and tells him that time leaping is running away. After pondering all the events, he realizes he can't save her at all, and apologizes. Kurisu knows that everyone else will forget her in the Beta World Line, but Rintarou says that he won't, and considers her a more important woman to him than anyone. She asks for proof, and he confesses that he loves her.

He wonders what she thinks, and she asks if he wants to know. She tells him to close his eyes, and when he does, she kisses him. She says that was her way of making sure he wouldn't forget her, but he lies saying it's too faint, and they share a few more kisses. Kurisu then briefly mentions the cause and effect principle, aswell as how romantic and painful it is. Despite that, Rintarou still wonders how she feels about him.

Date: 8/17/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571046

The next day, Rintarou prepares to see Kurisu off as she's headed to the airport. He decides to give her one of the Future Gadgets as a souvenir, which she reluctantly accepts. They have a hard time separating, but they finally part ways. Rintarou returns to the lab, and Itaru finds the mail stored in SERN's database. Just as he's about to press the Enter key to erase it, Kurisu abruptly comes into the lab, when he presses the Enter key. The entire world comes to a grinding halt, and just as she's about to confess her feelings--

New Divergence: 1.130205 (+0.559159)

Kurisu disappears from the door, even though she was supposed to be standing there. Rintarou checks his surroundings, seeing Itaru, Mayuri, and the microwave, no longer a time leap machine. He asks if there is a lab member #4, to which he's told there is none. He realizes that Kurisu is now gone, and when he tries to go on with his childish antics, Mayuri tells him there's no need to force himself, and he collapses into tears.

Date: 8/21/2010
Current Divergence: 1.130205

The remaining three lab members clean up the microwave and the IBN 5100, seeing no more use of the equipment. Kurisu's words echo in his mind, and he decides to continue living on, doing his best to make sure his memories don't disappear.

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