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Chapter 10

Stardust / Transparency

Date: 8/16/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571046

Rintarou apologizes, and decides that he will save Mayuri. He returns to the laboratory in the evening, and Mayuri asks him what's wrong. He decides to reveal to her everything that had happened, and although he brushes this all off as part of an experiment, Mayuri is in shock and decides to go to stop Kurisu before she leaves Japan.

Date: 8/17/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571046

The two come to see her, but she tells them not to worry. Mayuri still doesn't want her to leave, but tells her not to come, as this was something she had decided. They give their farewells, and Kurisu wants Mayuri to be happy. Mayuri wonders what Rintarou thinks, to which he says that no one can stop his "ambition". However, she wants to hear what he really thinks, as she fears she's become a burden. He says that he wants to save her, and not lose her. He promises to always be with her, and she promises to always be happy.

Rintarou returns to the lab, and Itaru finds the mail stored in SERN's database. He presses the Enter key...

New Divergence: 1.130238

Rintarou checks his surroundings, seeing Itaru, Mayuri, and the microwave, no longer a time leap machine. He asks if there is a lab member #4, to which he's told there is none. He collapses into tears, but Mayuri comforts him. He promises never to let her get away, and she promises to always be with him.

Past the 17th and 18th of August, Mayuri never died. The three scrap the mirowave, and the IBN 5100. Both Mayuri and Rintarou eventually become lovers, and when they pass by the Akihabara Radio Hall, Mayuri feels as if there was someone important to her, and recalls that she said for her to be happy. She wonders who that is, and he says that its' probably God. Mayuri reaches out to sky with gratitude.

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