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Chapter 2

Rendezvous / Abstract Fluctuations

Date: 7/30/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571024

Rintarou recalls that Kurisu didn't accept his claim from last night that the microwave was a time machine. However, they tried sending a bunch of things from the supermarket through it, but they all didn't work out. The microwave itself was now placed on a cushion on the floor just in case it would react violently like before.

Itaru had been looking at pictures of the Large Hadron Collider that was being built by SERN [1]. This reminds Rintarou of John Titor, and how SERN would supposedly complete a time machine in 2034. Though Rintarou claims Titor made these predictions back in the year 2000, Itaru says that the predictions are new to him. There were also rumors that there was also the possibility that miniature black holes could form in the LHC, capable of enveloping and destroying the planet. Rintarou tells Itaru to hack SERN for information, though Itaru is reluctant to do so. Rintarou promptly heads off to sleep.

Later during the day, he wakes up, and as he's browsing through John Titor's @ch thread, Suzuha arrives to inform him that the TV was fixed. During their conversation, Suzuha guesses that the "Organization" Rintarou is fighting is SERN, and when asked how she knows, she says that she heard from the window. However, she mentions SERN quite a bit, and is quite curious of the "powers" that Rintarou claims to have (though his claims are all fake). Rintarou also notices she's holding onto a pin badge of some sort.

When she asks about what's bothering him, he mentions that a girl mailing about the IBN 5100 keeps sending mails, and this gets her interest the most. She tries to avoid much discussion about how she knows about the IBN 5100, but does mention that it has a hidden function based on the programming languages it has. These languages are apparently lost, making it a very rare PC.

Date: 7/31/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571024

The next morning, Rintarou decides to send a mail to John Titor about the facts that were given back in the year 2000, to hopefully gain more information about the IBN 5100, and why the current John Titor is different. Mayuri comes in with some food, and though she suggests hacking is bad, Itaru finally manages to hack into SERN's database servers. The first thing they see is an e-mail about the LHC having operated for more than 9 years, but Rintarou and Itaru know the LHC was only completed last year. Rintarou asks Itaru to look for potential hits about time travel experiments, and comes across the possibility of national secrets stored within SERN. Itaru mentions SERN is not supposed to be aligned with any country, which piques Rintarou's interest more.

They come across a Z Program report on May 14, which mentions that miniature black hole generation was successful. The result: "Error. Human is Dead, mismatch." They are surprised that SERN has already created black holes, and are even more concerned with the possibility that human experiments are also being conducted. References to the Jellyman's Report are seen, but they still want to look for more time travel information.

Though they run out of things to search, Itaru remarks there's another odd server whose code is not understandable. Though Rintarou asks him if he can figure it out, he ultimately fails, and says he hasn't seen such code before. At that moment, Rintarou receives a mail from John Titor. From it, he deduces that Titor might know what the database code is, and sends a cellphone picture to him. Titor's answer is that it's code from the IBN 5100. Rintarou declares that they'll look for the IBN 5100 in order to discover the secrets SERN has.

Rintarou catches Suzuha outside before she goes on her part-time job, asking where the IBN 5100 might be. She says she doesn't know, but that she knew from someone else. When he asks her to introduce her friend, she says it's impossible, as her friend passed away years ago. Yuugo gets angry at Suzuha for being late with the work, and after some discussion, Rintarou attaches the name "Part Time Warrior" to her. When Rintarou mentions he plans "Ragnarok" to destroy SERN in the future, Suzuha notes that she'd like to participate, but says the so-called "Ragnarok" Rintarou speaks of is doomed to fail anyway, and Rintarou is curious why she would say that.

Mayuri joins Rintarou and the two go for lunch, and during their walk it reminds him of how Mayuri was fond of the stars at night. After lunch the two part, and Rintarou is running out of leads on the IBN 5100. He recalls Moeka, and eventually the two are exchanging mails. He comes by the Radio Hall again, to see that the satellite is still lodged in the rooftop. As he receives a new mail though, he happens to see that Kurisu is also outside the Radio Hall, and decides to talk to her. She's come to see the satellite, and Rintarou notes that the microwave in the lab hasn't been able to send mails to the past ever since the last phenomena they observed.

He receives a mail again from Moeka, but decides to ignore it. Kurisu says that she doesn't like people who use their cellphone while talking to other people, so she considered him a bit cautious. This reminds Rintarou of when they first met and how she pulled his cellphone away from him, but she doesn't remember doing that. Rintarou stops short of explaining the circumstances surrounding that event, thinking it could have all been a dream or an illusion. Rintarou asks why she didn't believe the microwave to be a time machine, and she says it's a logic of hers that she didn't "want" to believe that it was.

He asks her to help with trying to re-create the same experiment again, but she says she doesn't want to get involved in some stupid experiment and fail like her father did. Kurisu's father liked time machines since he was a kid, starting with Wales' Time Machine, and actually ended up doing experiments. However, because he was so fixated on time travel, he was exiled from the university where he was conducting them. This was why Kurisu didn't want to get involved, because it would put her on the same level as her father. Rintarou worries that he might have angered her, but Kurisu apologizes for getting all emotional.

They talk about when Rintarou went to the Radio Hall to see Dr. Nakabachi's announcement about time machines, though Rintarou claims it to be an illusion he saw. She wonders if he was the one who stabbed her, but he says he didn't see the culprit, and had already seen her lying in a pool of blood. He asks her about the IBN 5100, and she gets a bit interested in what it's going to be used for. He tells her that it's likely connected to SERN, but she thinks it stupid and walks off.

Date: 8/1/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571024

Rintarou checks out the part shops in the Akihabara Radio Centre for the IBN 5100, but not to much avail. Rintarou receives a call from Mayuri, and after some events [2], he heads to the Yanabashi Shinto Shrine, where he receives a call from Kurisu. He tells her that he's headed to the shrine, and the two meet there. Although she claims she's not interested in time machine experiments, she's still interested in the IBN 5100 that Rintarou mentioned yesterday.

They meet up with Ruka and his father, which seems to bring up a subtle reaction when she sees Ruka and his father getting along well. They all discover that the IBN 5100 is indeed in the shrine, and it was left there by someone from 9 years ago, who claims it would one day have to be entrusted to someone. Ruka's father decides to loan it to Rintarou. Promptly afterward, Kurisu notes how Ruka and his father have a very good relationship, and that she was quite envious.

Kurisu and Rintarou bring it to the laboratory, despite it being quite heavy (at least 30 kg), and end up bumping into Suzuha. They tell her they found it at the shrine, and she wonders why the IBN 5100 was placed there. She then notices Kurisu, and gives her a menacing glare before walking off. Itaru gets started on hooking up the IBN 5100 for hacking SERN's database, and they explain to Kurisu that they discovered SERN is using the LHC to conduct time travel experiments. They also tell her that the LHC was built 9 years ago, contrary to popular belief.

Itaru says it'll take the better half of a day to get an administrator password off the IBN-based database server, but Kurisu says she'll wait at the laboratory. She wants to confirm whether or not what Itaru and Rintarou are saying is true. Kurisu decides to experiment with the microwave some more, and they find that the microwave is not turning anything into a jellified state, nor is it sending anything back in time. They discuss possibilities about why the microwave returned to normal after the power surge that occurred the day before.

Date: 8/2/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571024

Though it's the middle of the night, Kurisu still decides to stick around. Itaru finally manages to crack into SERN's IBN-based database, and they decide to look for articles regarding the Z Program. They find a report dated 1973, and Kurisu mentions SERN was founded in 1954. However, the IBN 5100 went on sale in 1975, and this leads Rintarou into suspecting there might be a connection between IBN and SERN, as the IBN 5100 was not released yet in 1973.

Kurisu reads the report, and finds that the Z Program was initiated by a group known as the "Committee of 300" [3], and that they experimented on animals and eventually humans. Before doing any further investigation, Rintarou warns Kurisu to leave, as the information provided may not allow them to continue normal lives. She refuses, and says she won't regret what she will see. Itaru is also prepared, and starts looking through the Jellyman's Reports.

Report #10 covers a man named James McCarthy, 31 years old, American, who participated in Z Program 4 on January 28, 2005 at 13:05. The experiment failed, and the end result was the corpse of a man that appeared on April 3, 1921. The corpse was in a jellified state, mixed into a brick wall.


  1. "SERN" is a spinoff of the actual organization in real life, called CERN.
  2. This part can happen one of two ways: (A) Rintarou could have taken Mayuri's call, end up at MayQueen+NyanNyan and participate in the Thunder Net Access Battlers event that Feiris is holding. In doing so, he gets information from Feiris about the IBN 5100. (B) He could ignore the call, and talk to Moeka about the IBN 5100. He then calls Itaru, who says he got information from Feiris about the IBN 5100 possibly being at the Yanabashi Shinto Shrine.
  3. This committee existed during CHAOS;HEAD.

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