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Chapter 7

Complex / Distorted Facade

Date: 8/13/2010
Current Divergence: 0.409431

The world line has changed, and when Rintarou checks for the divergence meter, he notices that he's lost it. Or rather, that it had been erased, as Suzuha never gave it to him in the first place. He confirms with Itaru that none of the subway lines have stopped, and that night Mayuri doesn't die. He tells everyone it's late and that they should head home.

Date: 8/14/2010
Current Divergence: 0.409431

Coming to the lab, Rintarou notices that the usual mountain bike Suzuha rides isn't there anymore, and talks to Yuugo. He asks about Suzuha, and Yuugo simply gets mad over how she had suddenly quit her job ten days ago. Rintarou then asks about Hashida Suzu, and Yuugo wonders how he knows of her. Yuugo says it's a nostalgic name that he hasn't heard in ten years, and says that she passed away from an illness. Rintarou explains that she was someone who was of great help to him, and he would have liked to meet her again. Yuugo invites him to his house, where some of Suzu's belongings are still kept.

They pass by the Akihabara Radio Hall, and Yuugo remembers that the satellite there had disappeared about five days ago. When they reach his home, he sees Suzuha's mountain bike is parked there, not having been used for a decade. Yuugo explains that Suzu was his benefactor, having taken care of him after his parents had passed away. He never married Suzu, having another wife. However, his wife had already passed away. Suzu also originally owned the Ooyama building that the CRT TV Workshop is at.

He also notes that Suzu had spoke in ways that made it as if she had premonitions of how the world would grow. He goes inside for something and comes out with the divergence meter, which Rintarou confirms as being 0.409431%; higher than the original divergence he saw. According to Yuugo, Suzu had kept looking at the divergence meter when she was bedridden, always wondering if anything changed. Before he realized it, Rintarou was in tears over Suzuha's sacrifice.

Rintarou meets up with Mayuri, carrying with him the divergence meter from Suzuha. They head back home to find that the armed men still come in the evening, 24 hours after they were supposed to have stormed the place. However, Rintarou had prepared for this scenario and activated one of the Future Gadgets to distract them; unfortunately, Mayuri is killed in the crossfire, and he ends up time leaping again.

Leap: 8/14/2010, 19:57 -> 16:57

After leaping, he believes that he needs to get the divergence meter to pass 1% as Suzuha instructed, and consults Kurisu. She says that for the divergence to pass 1%, Rintarou would need to regain the IBN 5100 and clear SERN's database in order to pass into the Beta World Line. Rintarou thinks the best way to go about that is to erase the D-Mails he's sent, up to the point he regains the IBN 5100. Kurisu warns that Rintarou cannot die; since he's the only one with the Reading Steiner. If he should die then no one will be able to change the world line. Only an hour is left before Mayuri dies again, so Rintarou time leaps farther back.

Leap: 8/14/2010, 18:47 -> 8/13/2010, 13:47

After leaping, Rintarou recalls the previous D-Mails that were sent, ruling out the chance that the Loto 6 or Itaru's D-Mails had any significant effect. This leaves Moeka, Ruka, and Feiris' D-Mails. Since Feiris' is the most recent one, he decides to try and get in touch with her. He tries to call her, but she doesn't pick up. He finds out from Itaru that she's defending her champion title at the Thunder Net Access Battlers Grand Championship, and much to his dismay he can't get in since he doesn't have any tickets.

He waits for her outside the UPX building where the event had just finished, and asks someone where she might be. However, the person he asks, 4oC, had defeated her just moments ago, and ridicules him for calling Feiris the current champion. He ends up returning to the mansion and asking Feiris for help, but she says she can't remember since her defeat in the championship is bothering her too much. Apparently her opponent, the "Viral Attackers", used some nasty tricks, and she wants him to help her using the time machine before she can help. Rintarou is skeptical, but decides to go along with her idea and time leaps.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 18:38 -> 8/13/2010, 10:38

Rintarou recalls that Feiris wants him to bring sunglasses and earplugs to her before the match begins. Feiris initially refuses, but then 4oC from the Virus Attackers appears, and after a bit of a scuffle between him and the group, Feiris decides to take Rintarou's advice and goes into the match. However, midway through the fight Rintarou also decides to find where they are, and notices that they're using laser pointers to blind her. He holds one of them up, but notices that there's another also using a laser pointer. His interference is enough though, as Feiris pulls off a reversal and wins the match.

Feiris thanks him with a kiss outside the match, and Rintarou asks her about the D-Mail she sent. Unfortunately, she has no idea what it might have been, and before they can discuss it further, 4oC and his gang come after them. They make haste, and end up hiding at the ramen shop where MayQueen+Nyan2 was supposed to have been. This place triggers Feiris' memory to come back, and she remembers everything before and after the D-Mail was sent. Rintarou thinks that there might be a possibility that Feiris also has the Reading Steiner, but has no time to discuss it as the gang finds them again. Rintarou gets beaten up, but manages to distract them long enough until her father arrives in a car and allows them to escape.

He recovers at Feiris' place, and after some thought she tells him about the D-Mail she sent. Apparently in the past, her father had always been at work, and this annoyed her a lot. One time she ran off, and her father came for her but ended up in a car accident in which he died. She tells him that he should erase the D-Mail in order to save Mayuri, and thanks him for what she calls a "beautiful dream" that has to unfortunately end.

Date: 8/14/2010
Current Divergence: 0.409431

Feiris again apologizes for everything that's happened, and Rintarou decides to send the mail. He apologizes to her for creating a false world for her.

New Divergence: 0.456914 (+0.047483)

Feiris Route

Rintarou decides not to send the mail, not wanting to kill her father in order to save Mayuri. They decide to send a different D-Mail, so that her father holds onto the IBN 5100 until Rintarou appears. The mail is sent...

New Divergence: .275349 (-0.134082?)

When Rintarou comes to, he realizes that all the anime and game shops have returned. He heads to Yuugo's home and finds the divergence meter reads ".275349%", much to his surprise. He wonders if it's broken, but unfortunately no longer has any of Suzuha's memos in his cellphone to check. Nae is there frightened, having no idea who he is. Rintarou decides to leave to the streets, and along the way, he finds the laboratory is completely empty. The time leap machine is nowhere to be seen, either.

Rintarou finds that MayQueen+NyanNyan is back, and Mayuri and Itaru are there but have no idea who he is. He also discovers that he's supposed to be Feiris' partner in the Thunder Net Access Battlers events, and is also her boyfriend. Unfortunately he has no memory of this, and as he heads to Feiris' place he tells her to check on Mayuri until the day is over.

Mayuri doesn't die, and he hopes it stays this way since the laboratory and the microwave are gone, essentially preventing him from sending D-Mails or time leaping. Feiris considers his condition similar to being that of memory loss, and Rintarou decides to keep it that way and start anew. As long as Mayuri isn't going to die, he's fine with starting a new life with Feiris.

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