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Everything was a coincidence.

But those coincidences had already been decided by the will of the world.

I'm not crazy in any sense of the word. More normal than you think.

This isn't some absolutely childish delusion, but the actual truth.

...... even if the trigger was something so thin and so fragile,

it would change the world in such a great way.

Do you know of the Butterfly Effect?

If you don't, then look into it.
Understand that you need to take at least that much discretion.

Unfortunately, I had none.

If I knew how foolish I was, I wouldn't have lost "that person".

The future wouldn't have ended up like this.

But, there was no way for me to tell, was there?

There was no way that I would have known that, at that moment, I had grasped with my own hands the switch of a giant turning point, such that it would change the destiny of all of humanity.

Just think about it.

99% of perception that normal humans have are closed off. Those who don't think of themselves are quite foolish beings.

They aren't the least bit concerned or care to let reason into their normal lives, and even if they were aware of it, would they already forget about it? Or maybe their brains wouldn't process that information?

I want to tell that past me...

... not to be careless...

... not to be thoughtless...

... not pretend nothing happened...

... pay much more attention...

... and that conspiracy's evil influence is much closer than you think, and is always ready to deceive you......!

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