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Chapter 6

Necrosis / The Metaphysical

Rintarou recalls the time he was in middle school, when Mayuri's grandmother passed away. Mayuri was only eleven years old, and never answered anyone when she passed away, standing in front of her grandmother's grave. On one of the days it was raining hard, but the rain abruptly stopped, and she unconsciously reached her hand out to the sky. Rintarou grabbed onto her, and told her he wouldn't let her go. His excuse was that she was a hostage for human experiments he was going to do. Mayuri accepted that sentiment, saying that it couldn't be helped.

Date: 8/13/2010, 16:56
Current Divergence: 0.337187

Rintarou's in a total frenzy when he awakens, having no idea who he is, nor any memory. After a minute of intense headache and pain, he "remembers" the future and immediately asks Kurisu what the date and time is. After he confirms the date and time [1], he immediately calls Mayuri's cellphone, but ends up hitting her voice mail. After warning Itaru and Kurisu to leave as soon as possible, he rushes over to Ruka's shrine, but Mayuri's already left for the laboratory. He meets up with Mayuri there, and quickly makes haste to the subway station. However, getting there, he notices the same terrorist warning, which keeps him from boarding any trains.

He notices that some men are following him, and makes another run for it. At every corner though, he keeps coming across people that are looking for him, and at the end of the chase, he and Mayuri are hit by a car Moeka was in, with Mayuri dying. Rintarou runs back to the lab and leaps again. [2]

Leap: 8/13/2010, 20:17 -> 16:17

He manages to meet up with Mayuri and they go to the subway station early. However, Nae happens to be there, and accidentally pushes her in the path of the subway, killing her. This confuses Rintarou, as Moeka is not the one responsible for her death this time. He returns to the laboratory in a daze, but wonders why Moeka hasn't come with her men to take away the time machine by this time. He leaps again.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 20:45 -> 15:45

After leaping, he wonders why Mayuri still died despite it not being related to SERN. The timing was too much of a coincidence, as she died at about the same time she had died in the last two attempts. He wonders if fate is toying with him, and takes Mayuri with him by taxi. However they are stopped abruptly by traffic for three hours, and some men barge into the taxi, stabbing Mayuri and killing her. He gets past the men and leaps.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 21:49 -> 15:49

Rintarou swears he'll save Mayuri, but Mayuri still ends up dying in a terrorist incident at the Yododami Camera shop in Akihabara. After confirming this, he realizes that it's not related to SERN at all, but that the world itself is killing Mayuri.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 21:32 -> 14:32

This time after leaping, Rintarou sits down on the sofa trying to figure out what is the cause that's leading Mayuri to her death in all of his attempts in time leaping. The question is not a matter of if Mayuri will die, but who or what it is that will kill her. He thinks John Titor might know, but stops short of mailing as he might not get an answer in time, nor does he know if he's a time traveler in the first place. Instead, he sends a mail to Moeka to have her meet him alone at the rooftop of the Radio Hall. He holds her up with one of his Future Gadgets (not a weapon), gets her weapon, and drills her for information about SERN.

She reveals that they are a unit called "Rounder", a secret ops unit meant to find the IBN 5100 for SERN. However, he isn't able to get any more info, as she's only one of the underdogs.

Moeka reveals SERN attacked Rintarou's lab because:

Moeka says that it's all for SERN and FB, and thinks Rintarou is John Titor, but he has no idea what she's talking about. He threatens to kill her if she doesn't call off her men, but in his mind he can't bring himself to pull the trigger. She says she's only following FB's commands, and he tells her to bring FB here. Before they finish the conversation, he's approached by men from behind. He promises to give up the time machine if they won't kill anyone, but realizes that even if he did so, Mayuri will still die. He gets knocked out and wakes up in a car, well into the evening. He doesn't want them to get the time leap machine, so he breaks free and rushes there. Mayuri still dies by Moeka's hand just as he leaps.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 19:56 -> 16:56

Rintarou thinks that if not for the microwave, sending D-Mails or building the time leap machine, then the future wouldn't have ended up like this, so he tries to destroy the machine. Kurisu stops him, and he rushes out into the streets. Kurisu catches up with him, and when she asks him to go out shopping with her like he was supposed to, he calls her "Kurisu" instead of the usual "Christina" or "Assistant" nicknames, asking for her help. She reveals she already knows he's time leaped based on his behavior, and he thinks he shouldn't have had Itaru hack SERN or make any attempt at building a time machine.

Nonetheless, he still asks for help, and she agrees since Mayuri is an important lab member, and because she doesn't want to see Rintarou being down, especially since she asked him for advice about her father. Kurisu suggests he leaps farther back and explain the circumstances to her in the past. They aim for just when Kurisu finishes the time leap machine. She tells him to immediately say, "No experiments" and have everyone else head home.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 18:44 -> 13:44

Rintarou ends up remaining on the sofa for about 15 minutes, when Kurisu finally finishes the time leap machine. He immediately puts the plan into motion and proves to Kurisu he came from the future. Kurisu believes that the reason why Mayuri is dying in all attempts is likely due to something more on a macro level, but it doesn't explain why Nae accidentally bumped Mayuri in front of a train. He thinks though that if they can find the "cause", they can stop Mayuri's impending death, but Kurisu doesn't think so. This is because the time leap machine can only jump as far back as 48 hours, limiting the influence where they can change time. This sends Rintarou into a panic, and he hears something fall outside.

Looking out the window, Suzuha's bicycle fell over, and when their eyes meet, she makes a run for it. He chases after her to the Akihabara Radio Hall, and notices that the satellite in the rooftop has gone active. He sees Suzuha is at the satellite, and runs up to catch her. He sees her at the hatch, and there's a desktop PC inside the satellite with a screen displaying the dates 2010.08.13 and 1975.08.13. However, she says it's unable to move, and when Rintarou asks her for an answer, she reveals that she is John Titor, and that the satellite is actually a time machine.

He asks her about the time machine more, and when he says that John Titor said in 2000 that the time machine was attached to a car, Suzuha reveals that it's probably a John Titor from a different world line. She says that her staying here might have allowed SERN to move more than it should have, and explains everything at the lab.

Like before, Suzuha says that she came from the year 2036, where the world is a dystopia caused by SERN and people's free will is being controlled. She's part of a resistance that's fighting SERN, and the Committee of 300 is backing SERN. Kurisu was revered as the "Mother of Time Travel", while Rintarou ended up being labeled as a famous terrorist who eventually dies in 2025. Suzuha and Kurisu never talked to each other, as Kurisu had already passed away by 2036.

Suzuha goes on to explain that the world line has something called the Attractor Field, as mentioned before in her mails to Rintarou as Titor. She says the world line has many possibilities, but will inevitably end in the same result. Kurisu thinks this is determinism, but Suzuha says that it's a little different. All of the world lines have Attractor Fields, and the one they are in is called Attractor Field Alpha, linked to the Alpha World Line. There are also corresponding lines for Beta, Gamma, and Delta.

Kurisu thinks that the world lines correspond to parallel worlds, but Suzuha says they simply exist alongside one another. She also says that Okabe Rintarou is the only one with the ability to cross the world lines, as normal people can't change the world without existing outside of the changes. All her information comes from her father's notes, though he's already been killed. Her notes also says that the biggest reason for everything that's happening is the very first D-Mail that they ever sent; Rintarou realizes it's the one that said Kurisu had died.

She reveals SERN has a network called Echelon, responsible for finding information related to time travel, and that the data was stored in the server encrypted using the IBN 5100. Her job is to go back to 1975 and bring them the IBN 5100 from then. However, her time machine is damaged due to heavy rain on the 10th, but the time leap machine won't reach that far. Rintarou decides to go to the 11th to have the machine fixed by Itaru.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 17:38 -> 8/11/2010, 14:21

After leaping, he has the entire explanation run again, and everyone goes to check on the time machine, though Mayuri wonders about where Suzuha's father is. Suzuha only knows him by the name "Barrel Titor", and has a pin badge with the lettering "OSHM***A 7010". She also knows that he's in Akihabara during 2010, so they decide to look for him while the time machine is being fixed.

Date: 8/12/2010
Current Divergence: 0.337187

The next day, Suzuha reveals a device to Rintarou, called the Divergence Meter. It's currently displaying 0.337187%, originally supposed to be 0% from the world in 2036. He says it looks very similar to what he'd build as Future Gadget #9, and in fact, Suzuha reveals that Rintarou will build it 11 years in the future. However, Rintarou is the only one who can use the meter, as he's the only one who notices changes in the world line. If the meter should pass 1%, then Rintarou should pass into the Beta World Line. She gives it to him to use, as it's of no meaning to someone who doesn't have the Reading Steiner.

He passes the day searching through all the shops but doesn't come up with any clues as to who the pin badge belongs to. He does come by a shop whose owner doesn't speak very good Japanese (or English either), and ends up returning to the time machine site with Suzuha in the evening. Mayuri discovers the time machine has some name starting with "FG204", but not much else. She also thinks that Itaru and Suzuha suit each other well, and decides to check around the time machine.

While that happens, Suzuha talks with Rintarou about how she's happy that she got to be with everyone, but becomes a little depressed when he asks Rintarou to change the future. He thinks this is because the world line is going to change, and it's likely no one will remember this event, as well as the possibility she'd be erased due to the change.

That evening, he gets a call from the same shop that had terrible usage of English/Japanese, and finds out someone came with the same pin badge yesterday, but unfortunately the shopkeeper doesn't reveal who it is.

Date: 8/13/2010
Current Divergence: 0.337187

The time leap machine had just been completed. Rintarou feels that his consciousness is also being sent into the past, not just his memories. Though Kurisu doesn't agree, she wonders why it happens, and thinks it's due to Rintarou's Reading Steiner. Suzuha explains that anytime Rintarou leaps into the past, the divergence meter should jump a little bit, but only within the range of 0.0000001%. He leaps anyway after the discussion.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 14:36 -> 8/11/2010, 18:36

He gets to the same shop at the time the person was supposed to appear with the same pin badge as the one they're looking for, but he finds Itaru. Apparently he was trying to make up a lie so that Suzuha might be happy, but Rintarou's not pleased with the idea at all. Itaru reveals to Rintarou that the time machine can only travel to the past, and cannot return to the future. This brings Rintarou to the realization that it's likely Suzuha will live out the rest of her life from 1975 onward, and may not meet them ever again, which explains why she looked down after being glad she met everyone.

Date: 8/12/2010
Current Divergence: 0.337187

In fact, when Rintarou comes to the same conversation with Suzuha, he can't help but feel sad that she has to undertake such a painful mission. He reveals that he knows the time machine is incomplete, and although Suzuha is mad Itaru had leaked that information, she still says she can't agree to such a dystopia, which is why she's taken this mission.

Date: 8/13/2010
Current Divergence: 0.337187

Everyone is assembled at the time machine as it has just finished repairs. Mayuri reveals that she's been doing some investigation, and came to the conclusion that Itaru is Suzuha's father. Though Rintarou thinks she's joking, some of the more important reasons she reveals are:

Mayuri explains that because of the said reasons, that Itaru and Suzuha suited each other in terms of parent and child. The two share a brief emotional scene, and after some time, Suzuha decides to leave in the time machine, leaving the mail, "Farewell."

Later during the day they're waiting for some kind of response from Suzuha in the past, but the divergence meter has not changed beyond 0.337187%. Soon they're greeted by Yuugo, who brings them a letter from someone named "Hashida Suzu". They open it to find out that she failed in her mission due to having lost her memory upon reaching 1975, and when they ask Yuugo what happened to Suzu, he says that she had committed suicide some 10 years ago.

Unfortunately due to this turn of events, the world line has not changed, and the only way left is to do what was suggested in the letter; that Rintarou not chase after Suzuha on the 9th, and be allowed to go back in time before the machine was damaged. Mayuri doesn't want that to happen, as it would mean their time together after the 10th would all be erased. Regardless, he sends the mail...

New Divergence: 0.409431 (+0.072244)

Suzuha Route

In this scenario, Rintarou decides not to send the mail and time leaps two days back. He ends up taking the entire group to the Comic Market to enjoy themselves for the two days, but keeps time leaping and repeating the same events. Eventually this reaches the point of his heart almost having died, and Suzuha realizes this before its' too late. He reveals to her that Suzuha will fail in her mission in 1975, and that there's nothing more he can do to stop it. Suzuha suggests that he come with her to 1975 in hopes of changing the outcome, and he agrees.


  1. There's an extension to the scenario if Rintarou decides not to call Mayuri; he thinks that it was all a bad dream, but as the events pass by he has a bad sense of deja vu. Eventually Mayuri does still die the same way, and he still time leaps at the exact same moment as at the end of Chapter 5. This series of deja vu events cannot happen again.
  2. This is another extension to the scenario, if Rintarou calls Ruka instaed of Mayuri. They try to hide in Akihabara, but Mayuri is abducted and instead sent to 2/28/1961 in a jellified state, making Rintarou scream in horror. He leaps from 8/13/2010, 20:02 to 17:02, and is disgusted at how cruel that method of killing was.

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