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Prologue / The Beginning and the End

Date: 7/28/2010
Current Divergence: 1.130426

The story starts off with Shiina Mayuri and Okabe Rintarou walking in Akihabara, with Rintarou talking to himself on the cellphone. He claims Dr. Nakabachi has slipped away, and that some "Organization" has begun moving. Believing it to be the path that Steins;Gate has taken, finishes up with his phrase, "Eru Psi Congruu". They come to the eighth floor of the Akihabara Radio Hall to see an announcement by Dr. Nakabachi about time machines. There's a sudden rumble coming from the rooftop, and Rintarou immediately goes to investigate. Rintarou initially believes it's an explosion caused by terrorists, but then discovers a satellite is on top of the building. There's a girl by the satellite that says not to come near, and that Nakabachi's meeting will be shortly commencing.

Rintarou decides to give up on investigating further, and finds Mayuri is trying to get an Uupa (うーぱ) from the vending machine. Though she initially asks for 100 yen to give it a try, he does it instead and comes up with a Metal Uupa, which is rare. He gives it to her, and she writes her name on the Uupa.

The meeting finally starts, and Rintarou starts off by crashing the event, being totally skeptic of the time machine theory that Nakabachi is presenting. He is abruptly pulled away from the stage by a woman who he recognizes to be Makise Kurisu, an 18-year old genius university student, famous for writing a paper on how human memory can be converted into data. She claims that 15 minutes ago, he was trying to talk to her with a very saddened face, but had no idea what he was saying.

Rintarou doesn't believe it, and when he tries to talk to himself on his cellphone, she pulls it away from him for a brief moment. Thinking her to be an agent from the "Organization", Rintarou walks off only to realize he left Mayuri behind. Before that, he receives a strange movie mail that is nothing but noise, so he shrugs it off. He goes to pick her up, discovering that she's lost her Metal Uupa and is trying to find it at the meeting which just finished.

They don't find it, and hear a scream coming from behind the doors. Rintarou checks, and finds Kurisu lying in a pool of blood. He quickly leaves the building with Mayuri, and decides to send a mail to Itaru. As he's writing the mail, he claims that Kurisu has been stabbed, but stops short of saying that she was killed, since he hadn't confirmed whether or not the corpse was really dead. He then sends the mail...

New Divergence: 0.571024 (-0.559402)

Rintarou suddenly feels something, and notices that everyone around him has disappeared. He also notices that a satellite has crashed into the rooftop of the Akihabara Radio Hall.

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