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Chapter 9

Apoptosis / Infinite Chain

Date: 8/15/2010
Current Divergence: 0.523307

After the world line is changed, Rintarou confirms that Ruka is now a guy, and checks about the IBN 5100 one more time. Ruka says that he doesn't think there's an IBN 5100 in the shrine, and when checking with his father it is still missing. In fact, someone had broken into the warehouse and taken it away. As Rintarou fears, he has to deal with Moeka's D-Mail. He thinks Moeka changing her cellphone model had a big influence in terms of the Butterfly Effect. He heads back to the lab, and as expected Mayuri didn't die. He had already sent a mail to Moeka while talking with them, waiting for a response.

He talks with Kurisu again after she mentions that he had been consulting him quite a number of times, but from her responses he deduces she doesn't recall anything in any of the previous world lines. He warns her that Mayuri will die tomorrow, but how she dies is something he cannot ascertain. He apologizes, but asks her to watch over Mayuri tomorrow. Kurisu suggests he time leaps now, but he wants to know the deadline for the current world line; exactly when it is that Mayuri is going to die. That way, he can plan his actions more carefully. Reluctantly, she agrees to go to Comic Market with Mayuri.

Date: 8/16/2010
Current Divergence: 0.523307

Rintarou still hasn't received a reply from Moeka, so he investigates the store that she worked for. He gets her address and visits her old apartment building, only to find that she's committed suicide yesterday. There's nothing more he can do for today, so he decides to time leap to before Moeka died. On his way back to the laboratory, he realizes there's a power surge occurring; someone is using the time leap machine. No one is there when he reaches the time leap machine, and the machine is still warm. He checks the connected PC to see what number was called, but it had already disappeared. He decides to make the time leap. [1]

Leap: 8/16/2010, 12:36 -> 8/11/2010, 19:36

He goes to the old apartment building, and knocks on Moeka's door. He opens it to find it's not locked, and sees her sitting in a corner, secluding herself from the world. When he asks her if she's awake, she wonders if he's FB. She wonders why FB hasn't contacted her, and keeps saying things hoping for FB to appear. He looks on the phone and sees the letters "FBFBFBFBFBFBFBFB..." over the entire screen. She struggles to keep her cellphone away from Rintarou, waiting for a mail from FB. Kurisu calls him and explains the situation.

She thinks he should just take the cellphone since she's someone from SERN. She even floats the idea of having her killed to get information and changing the world line so that she doesn't die in the first place, but Rintarou would like to avoid that scenario if at all possible. He does like her hypocrisy however. Kurisu notes that she's supposed to commit suicide four days from now, so if he kills her now it might cause a massive divergence despite her having a death flag.

He manages to wring the cellphone away from her without killing her, locking her in the apartment. He calls Kurisu to set up the microwave for sending D-Mails, but none of them are working. He realizes that he's been tricked, as her cellphone is still the same model. He deduces that she sent a different D-Mail, meaning that he has to interrogate her to find out what she sent. The two wrestle in the apartment, until he has her pinned down on the ground. He tries to call for help, but she stops her by kissing her, keeping her from saying anything until the people outside leave.

Afterwards, he interrogates her about FB, but she still wants her cellphone back no matter what. In his interrogation, he tries to have her remember what D-Mail, but no matter what she cannot remember. He then mentions that she received a mail from the future, two weeks ago. She realizes what mail he's talking about, but refuses to say what the contents are since it's related to Rounder. He guesses right away it's the location of the IBN 5100, startling Moeka. Regardless, she doesn't want to betray FB.

At the same time, she doesn't want to lose her cellphone, as she would lose the ability to connect with the world if she couldn't mail anyone. He thinks that she fears being abandoned by Rounder, but she says she fears being abandoned by FB, not Rounder. This pisses him off, because she thinks of FB as the world, and explains to her that she and her Rounder unit came to take the time machine and kill Mayuri in a different world line.

She still doesn't want to say anything, but he tells her she's going to commit suicide in four days, and no one will come to save her. Doing this, he tries to persuade her into believing she's already been abandoned. Even though she initially rejects this, she says that FB was like a mother and friend to her. However, she had never met FB. She eventually reveals that the IBN 5100 is in the coin locker, similar to the one Ruka used.

He tries to send a D-Mail but it doesn't work, possibly because Moeka ignored the D-Mail and investigated the shrine anyway. He decides that FB's cellphone is needed to prevent Moeka from investigating, and returns Moeka's cellphone. He decides to ask Moeka how she ended up in Rounder, and she says that she had been leaning towards death four years ago, not having any family and living the same lifestyle she is right now. She received a mail from Rounder, and didn't really care and responded. Then she got a response from FB, and since then had been following FB's word. They had only managed to collect one IBN 5100 all this time.

Rintarou decides to check the coin locker and sees it's in use, suspecting the IBN 5100 is inside. He quickly makes a run to the lab to let everyone know he's okay, and tries to break into the coin locker. However, a police car happens to pass by, and he hides. He tries again after they patrol for 30 minutes and leave, but they come back and take him to the station. His conclusion is that he cannot get the IBN 5100 regardless of what he does in this world line.

Date: 8/12/2010
Current Divergence: 0.523307

Rintarou heads straight to Moeka's apartment and confirms his suspicion that the IBN 5100 is still in the coin locker, and says he'll wait there for FB to come, so he can use FB's cellphone. Moeka says she doesn't have the courage to meet FB, so he goes alone. Later the day, Moeka decides to come, having changed her mind, thinking things remaining this way would result in her being shut out from the world. Rintarou notices she's brought him food, so he decides to let her stay.

Date: 8/13/2010
Current Divergence: 0.523307

Someone finally comes to pick up the IBN 5100, though Moeka doesn't think it's FB. They follow them to the subway line, but Rintaoru realizes too late the IBN 5100 has changed hands between subway lines. He time leaps to catch this.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 15:11 -> 14:11

He catches the first switch but has to time leap several times to keep track of where they go. Eventually they reach the final destination, and it turns out that Yuugo is there to pick up the IBN 5100. He wonders why, but time leaps again:

Leap: 8/13/2010, 18:16 -> 14:16

Rintarou and Moeka manage to sneak onto the vehicle Yuugo is driving to pick up the IBN 5100, and they end up at Yuugo's house. They wonder about how this is related to FB, and when Rintarou checks the cellphone mail, Moeka says M4 was the codename FB had given her. Rintarou says they'll have to sneak into Yuugo's house this time.

Date: 8/15/2010
Current Divergence: 0.523307

After midnight, they come by the house and find that the same armed men are there. Yuugo comes out with a wagon carrying the IBN 5100 and the men, and they head off. Yuugo doesn't come with them, however. They discover the wagon is headed to France, which is where SERN is. Kurisu decides to join Rintarou and Moeka, and they pay a visit to Yuugo's house. Kurisu looks from outside, while Rintarou checks the divergence meter, which reads "0.523307%".

Rintarou interrogates Yuugo, asking him about the men from late at night. When he asks him whether he's connected to Rounder or not, Yuugo responds by asking Moeka if she's going to betray them, calling her "M4". Moeka recognizes that he's FB, as no one else is supposed to know that codename. Yuugo asks if they know the name "Ferdinand Brown". The abbreviation for the name is FB, and considering that the word CRT is named similarly [2], Rintarou and Moeka realize he really is FB. He pulls out a gun, but Rintarou isn't worried about dying as the Attractor Field doesn't desire his death. However, he's worried more about Moeka.

Rintarou accuses him of being someone totally different from the person Suzu had hoped to raise, which causes a reaction in Yuugo. It turns out Rintarou hadn't talked with him about Suzu yet in this world line, and wonders why he hadn't talked about her sooner. Rintarou reveals Hashida Suzu is Amane Suzuha, a time traveller who is against SERN, and Yuugo claims that a bunch of things led him to being SERN's dog. Moeka asks if he really is FB, and he confirms this. He feels bad that she takes all of his mails too seriously, and that he hadn't contacted her because they found the IBN 5100 and had no more use for her.

Yuugo says that once they're done with, they get "disposed" of, and as such they're just cattle to SERN. He points his own gun at his head, and Rintarou tries to stop him but it's too late. Rintarou gets pissed as to why he smiled committing suicide, leaving his daughter behind. He checks to see if Nae is in her room, but she's already gone. He decides to get Yuugo's cellphone, and the group move to Moeka's apartment.

Rintarou tells Moeka that he might have died in order to save her life, and though he's at a loss of words, Kurisu tells him to send the D-Mail. They have to wait five minutes before Itaru gets to the laboratory, so they decide to wait. Kurisu mentions on the side that soon after the gunshot, she saw Nae run off. Their conversation is interrupted, as Nae comes in and stabs Moeka, saying that she won't forgive people who caused her father to commit suicide. With a laugh, she says she'll kill Rintarou 15 years later, and runs off.

Before Moeka dies, she apologizes to Rintarou, saying it's her punishment for having killed Mayuri, though Rintarou thinks she's referring to the other world lines in which she did. She says she did it all for FB, and Rintarou forgives her. After she passes away, Kurisu reminds him to send the D-Mail, and he wonders if the divergence will be enough to bring Moeka back to life. He's about to send the D-Mail [3], but decides not to and time leaps instead to investigate why Nae killed her.

Leap: 8/15/2010, 10:49 -> 6:49

This time, Rintarou waits outside with Kurisu, and the same thing happens. They manage to catch Nae though, but Rintarou feels as if she's a totally different person. Nae says that to her, the laboratory group killed Yuugo by not stopping him from committing suicide. However, she won't kill Rintarou, since she will kill him 15 years later. She reveals that she "remembers" her memory 15 years from the future, and he realizes she's time leaped. She stabs him in his right arm, and reveals she works with SERN, wanting the time leap machine they built. She had time leaped the equivalent of 15 years (2738 times), though she says it's a lot of trouble. She tells Rintarou to continue on living in regret until 15 years later when she kills her, and she runs off.

He finally understands that the time machine is something they shouldn't have built; in that way, none of the pain and sorrow would have needed to happen. Kurisu rushes over to him worried about his wound, but he asks for Yuugo's cellphone. Before he sends the D-Mail, he asks why Yuugo didn't kill Moeka when Rintarou wasn't around, and thinks that Yuugo really did want to save Moeka. He mutters to himself that he won't let Nae have her revenge as she wants, and sends the D-Mail...

New Divergence: 0.571046 (+0.047739)

Rintarou comes to at the Akihabara shops, with no wound in his arm. He decides to head to Moeka's place. He confirms FB is still alive, which means Yuugo isn't dead. He realizes this is because Yuugo says once they're done with, they're to be "disposed". He remembers how Nae told him to continue to regret and fear her, but he says there's nothing to regret or fear of her. He had already erased that world line, after all. He expects that he should already have the IBN 5100, so there's no need to stay in the current world line any longer.

He returns to the laboratory and sees that Yuugo is still alive. He also discovers that the IBN 5100 is back with him, and wants to call in Itaru. However, he's at Comic Market, so he time leaps instead.

8/15/2010, 11:27 -> 8/13/2010, 15:27

He quickly assembles a meeting to erase SERN's database of the first D-Mail he sent, but then realizes the consequence of doing so. He looks at Kurisu, and realizes that she is going to die.


  1. Rintarou decides not to time leap, waiting for the deadline instead. Indeed, Kurisu calls him that evening, and from this he ascertains the exact time and decides to leap. She does call, and he realizes from this that Mayuri has died. If Rintarou picks up the phone, he apologizes to Kurisu for having her take such a painful burden. He leaps from 8/16/2010 20:02 to 8/11/2010, 20:02.
  2. In Japanese, CRT is ブラウン管, or "buraun kan".
  3. Beyond this section can be skipped, but Rintarou will not discover the reason behind why Nae suddenly came and stabbed Moeka.

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