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Chapter 5

Dogma / Space-Time Boundaries

Rintarou is having another dream, where the sky has lost all its color. Looking at the ground, he sees that the entire place is a wasteland. He realizes he's in a dream so he doesn't give it too much thought, but notices the dream is taking quite a while to end. He falls into despair as a result of the environment and wishes to die, but has no idea how to die when there is nothing in the first place.

However, a voice calls out to him, and looking at the ground he sees the silhouette of a girl, who he thinks is Mayuri. She says that this place is Earth, 70,000,000 years ago. Supposedly, he had ended up in some kind of conspiracy, and was sent to this time through a time machine. Mayuri had been looking for him through many world lines, looking for this Okabe Rintarou in particular. Rintarou tries desperately to assert he's in a dream.

Date: 8/10/2010
Current Divergence: 0.337187

He abruptly wakes up in a cold sweat, and quickly finds Mayuri watching a Thunder Net DVD. However, the dream had a similar feeling to when he sends D-Mails, which bothers him a lot. He receives a call from Feiris, who tells him that she still hasn't found the IBN 5100. Itaru discovers SERN's server is only one router away compared to most other servers despite them being based in France, and thinks that there's a single line going from their building to SERN's. Rintarou believes there's a possibility that SERN might have known of them through some kind of "premonition", but he isn't sure what.

Kurisu discovers that the concept of a microwave is dangerous, and given the right setup could become a WMD, affecting a radius of some several hundred kilometers, killing people in 3 minutes. They look over the LHC's setup again, and after Rintarou considers further possibilities of sending data, Kurisu realizes she can convert human memories into data and send them back into the past, aka time leaping. She explains she plans to make use of the miniature black holes made by the LHC, and the group decide to start collecting parts to turn the microwave into a time leap machine.

After Mayuri and Itaru head home, Kurisu and Rintarou are left alone in the laboratory room. She decides to ask him for advice about her estranged father. Kurisu used to get along with him when she was still a kid, and her father would always tell her about complicated theories that she wouldn't understand. Though once she got into physics, she would get into discussions with her father, with herself ending up winning all the time. Rintarou thinks that's the reason her father became estranged, perhaps due to his own pride. Her father ended up not talking to her, and his relationship with his wife worsened, resulting in him not returning home. At the time, she thought it might have been her own fault, and her attendance in classes dropped. Her mother ended up sending her to study abroad.

She wanted to meet her father again, but was told not to come. She feels that even if they met, she has no idea what they would talk about, but Rintarou believes she still wants to reconcile with him. He says he'll go with her to meet her father, and when she says her father lives in Aomori [1], Rintarou somewhat regrets his decision but decides to go through with it anyway.

Date: 8/11/2010
Current Divergence: 0.337187

Mayuri and Rintarou go out shopping, and discuss the differences between time travel, D-Mails and time leaping. Mayuri says that Kurisu probably doesn't want to change the past, because it would be erasing the reality that she once accepted. They bump into Moeka, and explain to her that they're going to be making the machine capable of time leaping. She ends up giggling to herself in a very odd manner, though Rintarou and Mayuri have no idea what she's laughing about.

Later in the evening Rintarou is out to buy things from the convenience store, when he receives a mail saying, "You know too much." Attached to the mail is a picture of a toy doll's head cut off, with red paint splattered over it. He erases the mail quickly as it bothers him, and then realizes that he might have attracted too much attention. He wants to consult someone, but has no idea who might be able to help.

He heads home and finds the door is unlocked, as well as the shower room being used. He fears Mayuri and Kurisu might have been attacked, so he goes to check in only to get chased out for seeing them in the shower.

Date: 8/13/2010
Current Divergence: 0.337187

Kurisu finishes building the Time Leap Machine, but needs to do some last-minute adjustments by turning on the microwave and causing the same power surge. Rintarou ends up keeping Yuugo busy long enough for the experiment, and realizes that the lifter component for the microwave is caused by one of the TVs in the store being turned on. They manage to confirm that this is the case, which will allow them to send D-Mails at any time.

Though the machine is completed, they aren't sure of who is going to use it, and the possibility of it triggering Rintarou's Reading Steiner is high. Kurisu's current theory says that only memory is copied, and not the consciousness, so this worries him. They decide not to perform any experiments, leaving it until a time when they have to use it.

Later during the evening while Kurisu and Rintarou are talking a walk, Kurisu tells him that she's startled how Rintarou is not too eager to run experiments with the time leap machine, and is rather glad Rintarou is taking a more discretionary approach. They come back to the laboratory and relax for a bit, but later in the evening there is news that terrorists are planning on setting off a bomb, stopping some of the subway lines. As a result, Mayuri can't go back home for the time being.

Suzuha asks if the time leap machine is finished, to which he nods. She leaves rather quickly, and soon five men armed with guns storm the laboratory. Kiryuu Moeka is with them, asking the laboratory members to come with them, and plans to take their time machine. When he asks who they are, she replies that they are from SERN. Moeka says that there is no need for Mayuri, and promptly shoots her in the head, killing her.

This sends Rintarou into a rage, and before he can do anything, Suzuha comes back, dispatching and distracting the armed men, ending in a gun standoff between her and Moeka. She says some words which don't make sense, but Rintarou eventually gathers from her words that she's turned on the TV needed for the time leap machine to activate. He and Kurisu rush to the time leap machine while they are distracted, and Rintarou sends himself back into the past.

Leap: 8/13/2010, 19:56 -> 16:56


  1. The distance from Aomori to Akihabara is something like four hours via trains, and nine hours by car. You can see this distance here.

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