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Chapter 10

Date: 8/15/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571046

Rintarou spends his time on top of the Radio Hall rooftop. He doesn't want to make the decision of sacrificing either Mayuri or Kurisu. At the same time, Moeka and Yuugo's lives are endangered, as well as the problem of SERN's dystopian world. He considers different possibilties, but he concludes they will all lead the divergence to the Alpha World Line, making it impossible. Even if Dr. Nakabachi's meeting weren't held, the Attractor Field would also eventually result in Kurisu's death. He no longer cares about whether SERN rules the future, as long as he can save Mayuri and Kurisu at the same time.

Date: 8/17/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571046

He spends time with everyone for the next couple of days at Comic Market, and stays with Mayuri on the last day. That night, they return to the laboratory, which they find is dark. No one's around, and Rintarou gets a bad feeling. He goes to check, but as he does a car turns on and rushes at him. It's the same car that was used to carry around the IBN 5100. Mayuri pushes him out of the way and is hit, and the car runs off. Mayuri is glad that she was able to be of some use, but she dies from the injury. Rintarou time leaps again:

Leap: 8/17/2010, 21:53 -> 8/15/2010, 13:53

Rintarou leaps back to the Radio Hall building to ponder the entire situation. He considers how well placed the timing of his D-Mail was, since he saw Kurisu dead only moments ago. He's still troubled over the choice of picking either Mayuri or Kurisu, but then Kurisu catches him from behind. She wonders why he decided to halt cracking into SERN's database, but he dodges the question. She keeps drilling him, and eventually he reveals the circumstances.

Kurisu wonders how accurate the Attractor Field theory is, and thinks that the world lines are like train lines. She hasn't seen any proof that the world is one, and thinks that she'll continue on in the world line where she doesn't die. Rintarou thinks that she's telling him it's fine to kill her off, but he doesn't want to accept that. Mayuri gives him a call, and wonders if she's a heavy burden on him, but this only pisses off Rintarou more. Kurisu tells him that he should go meet her.

He goes to Comic Market to meet her, but just happens to miss her. Eventually he finds her at the graveyard where her grandmother is buried. Mayuri's speaking to her grandmother's grave, and from her words Rintarou discovers that she vaguely remembers the many times she's died. She has been having bad dreams where she always dies, but at the end of them Rintarou always comes to save her. Rintarou thinks there's a possibility everyone has the same ability he does, though not at the same level. She continues on talking about how the lab members have grown, even though it started with just her and Rintarou.

She doesn't want to become a heavy burden to Rintarou, and doesn't want to continue bothering him, but Rintarou comes out of hiding and tells her it's fine. He says that when the time comes, he'll tell her everything, and the two return to the laboratory.

Date: 8/16/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571046

Rintarou returns to the Akihabara Radio Hall rooftop again, but finds Kurisu is there. She's lying down on the rooftop, and for a moment he thought she was dead. He doesn't want to bother her, and is about to leave but it starts raining heavily. Rintarou calls out to her to come in, but to him she seems a bit odd. The rain starts really pouring, and they rush in quickly. They decide to wait until the rain stops, sitting at the staircase. After they talk about some mindless things, Kurisu finally asks him whether he's made up his mind. She wonders if Rintarou likes Mayuri, and then reveals that she's been having some kind of deja vu, seeing Rintarou saving Mayuri many times. Though she says that Rintarou should save Mayuri, he asks her if she's scared.

She thinks that the lights have all turned off in the world, leaving the two behind. Once Rintarou passes to the Beta World Line, she wonders if she'll be left behind just like that. Rintarou wants to save both her and Mayuri, but she says if he can't then he shouldn't. She says that she really is scared, especially that she might be erased, or left behind. She doesn't want him to see Mayuri off to her death over her, and tells him to save her. He embraces her, thinking this decision is just too much for him.

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