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Chapter 3

Divergence / Butterfly Wings

Date: 8/2/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571024

Kurisu remarks that an imprinting of SERN is on the corpse that was mixed into the wall, and Itaru says that there are 14 experiments on humans in total. Rintarou believes that the jellified state is very similar to what they've been observing in the experiments with the bananas in the microwave. They investigate the reports further, and find that the corpses have scattered across the planet across different years. Itaru says that there's a Kerr Black Hole involved that could be responsible for the corpses. Rintarou remembers John Titor wrote about the Kerr Black Hole when referencing that he came from 2036, when SERN had completed a time machine.

Upon further investigation, the three find papers on time travel theory in the Z Program. Kurisu's translation of it says the LHC accelerates the speed of particles by 99.9999991% to allow passage through a micro singularity point, where two black holes can be created. The two black holes can be used to create a Kerr Black Hole, and passing through its event horizon allows space to be interchanged with time. She comes across a part that involves requiring a "lifter" of some sort, but has no idea what it is. Itaru googles it, and Rintarou believes it to be related to ionocraft.

Mayuri joins the team in the morning, and they have a meeting regarding the lifter technology needed to re-create the same effect that the LHC is achieving. They also decide to name the mails sent into the past as "Delorean Mails", or "D-Mails". Rintarou thinks that to re-create the same effect with the D-Mails, they have to use the microwave during the time periods of 12:00 and 18:00, which they test and confirm works. They then try sending a D-Mail which also works, but it turns out the mail has split into two. This coincides with the D-Mail that was sent to Itaru, that had split into three, and the one sent to Rintarou a few days ago, which was split in two.

The lab members leave except for Kurisu, who decides to toy with the microwave some more. Rintarou bumps into Suzuha, who mentions that Yuugo is getting angry with the ruckus that the team is causing. She also shows some concern about Kurisu being around, and after talking with Yuugo, Rintarou notices Kurisu sent a ton of D-Mails to his cellphone. He freaks out, because he fears Yuugo will have his head. Though he says not to do any more experimenting, Kurisu has already gathered enough data.

Based on the data, only 36 alphanumeric characters can be sent at a time, which is 18 Japanese characters. Anything beyond 36 alphanumeric characters will disappear. Itaru says that's 36 bytes total, but as the team can't do much more for the day, they all take a break.

Date: 8/3/2010
Current Divergence: 0.571024

Rintarou falls asleep in the laboratory, and hears Kurisu's voice, claiming he's in the event horizon, where space and time interchange. In that dream, he ends up passing through eternity, with the knowledge that he'll end up in a jellified state like those in the human experiments. He then wakes up to his cellphone ringing, with some mails coming from Moeka. She was waiting for Rintarou to wake up so she could have a look at the IBN 5100. She wants to borrow it, but he refuses as they still need it, plus he's not the owner. At best, she only gets to take a couple of pictures, and only learns that it was at the Yanabayashi shrine.

Itaru comes back and decides to work with Rintarou on adding functionality to the microwave, so that it can receive mails from any cellphone. She accidently hears that they could send mails into the past, and when she asks about it, Rintarou talks to himself on his cellphone. Moeka thinks he's talking to someone named "FB", but he has no idea who she's talking about. Shortly afterward, he and Itaru accidentally leak that it's a time machine, and then when they have Moeka swear not to tell anyone else, he tells her everything so she doesn't annoy them so much.

After the changes to the microwave, Suzuha tells them from outside that Yuugo is currently out doing repairs on TVs. This means they can perform experiments without any interference. Mayuri manages sending a mail with her cellphone, but they get a warning from Suzuha outside about the power surge. They hold a meeting, where Rintarou wants to try changing the past using a D-Mail. Of course Kurisu objects, especially considering the Butterfly Effect. They decide to try sending numbers of the latest Loto 6 into the past, though Rintarou doesn't want to get first place, as it could attract too much attention. In the electrical surge, Rintarou sends the mail...

New Divergence: 0.571015 (-0.000009)

Rintarou again senses the same thing he felt on July 28, and when he checks his surroundings, everyone wonders what he's doing. They claim he suddenly got up from the sofa and stood in the lab for 30 seconds sweating, holding his cellphone. The microwave isn't active either, when it was supposed to have been sending the D-Mail. He sees that the D-Mail was sent, but when he asks Kurisu whether or not he got third place on the Loto 6, she has no idea what she's talking about. He confirms with everyone else that they don't remember anything about the Loto 6.

Soon afterward, Ruka happens to come in with a Loto 6 ticket that he bought, saying Rintarou had told him to buy the numbers rather than trying to buy it himself. Instead of getting third place, it got fourth because Ruka got one of the numbers wrong. He checks to see the mail he sent, but notices that the mail was never 'sent" in the first place, but only "received".

Rintarou goes to meet Suzuha as she's still outside. She asks him why he looks as if he's been brainwashed, and when he nods, she abruptly checks behind his eyelids for a chip of some sort. She doesn't find one to her relief, and says that he isn't. Rintarou has no idea what she's talking about, but then thinks that she was captured by the "Organization" and had experienced this sort of thing. Suzuha doesn't know what he's talking about either, thinking this "Organization" might be SERN, and the two shrug off the discussion. Nae, Yuugo's daughter asks what this brainwashing is, but Rintarou scares her off when he's about to explain.

He hears his lab members talking from the window, and realizes Suzuha must have heard the entire thing. Though she promises not to say anything, he asks if she saw two electrical surges. Suzuha answers she only saw one. He explains to Suzuha he's able to send mails into the past, much to her disbelief. She tells him to ask John Titor about the topic, as she believes he would know more about it.

The lab members all return home except for Kurisu, and Rintarou sends a mail to John Titor thanking him for information about the IBN 5100, and wonders about how the world has changed due to the D-Mail. Kurisu waits with him regardless, and eventually Titor sends a mail saying that the current divergence is 0.571015%. This piques Rintarou's attention, as he wonders how Titor can tell. He says that he holds with him a meter that measures current divergences, and that this meter is at 0% in the year 2036, changing depending on how the past has changed.

He also explains that the world line has something called an "Attractor Field", which is capable of causing "coincidences" and "inevitabilities". Even if a small thing were to happen in the present to try and intefere, the same result would eventually happen. In order change the current world line, one would need to be able to sense the changes in the world. Titor thinks that Rintarou might have this ability, and should try to change the world such that the divergence crosses 1.0%. Rintarou thinks he has this power, calling it the "Reading Steiner".

Rintarou instead sends a mail to Titor about how one could pass the Attractor Field, and what lies beyond it. Titor says total freedom is possible when past it, and that it's required in order to destroy the dystopia that exists in his future. He also tells Rintarou that if he should try changing the past again, he should tell Titor beforehand, and the one word that sticks out in his mail is that Rintarou could be his "salvation".

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