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Regarding the XBL Bans

http://kotaku.com/5402591/report-xbox-live-bannings-upwards-of-1-million Okay, I see some myths rolling around in the comments, so I’ll make it quite clear and crisp here: Even if you mod a console, you cannot play any imports with it. As a result, the only reason you … Continue reading

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About the 360 again…

I know I talked about 360 users already having trouble getting storage space, and then this happens: Brand-X Memory Units Won’t Work in Next 360 Update So no more Datel Memory Units that are 2GB or whatever. Great way to … Continue reading

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PS3/360: Lifecycle

You’ll have to forgive me for the long rant, but I just wanted to get this out there.

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Kojima on Games

Here’s Kojima on developing for different platforms other than the PS3: “I don’t make games for platforms,” Kojima said. “I make games for players, and it’s because of the players that I’m able to be here.” Statement of the century, … Continue reading

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Regarding censorship on Indie Games on XBL…

http://zepy.momotato.com/2009/08/16/indy-galge-stopped-from-distribution-on-xbox-live/ I did a bit of investigation and checked out the Xbox Live Marketplace… what I found was that 248 Indie games were available on the Japan marketplace, while some 408 were available on the US/Europe marketplace. And of those … Continue reading

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X360 Games on Demand Region Locked

http://kotaku.com/5336183/xbox-360-games-on-demand-region-locked Yeah, I had seen this coming. First problem was that the games were not valued by Microsoft Points, as originally intended. This means that I would need a Japanese credit card with valid address and everything, should I want … Continue reading

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XBL Preview: New Install Sizes

I only had five games installed beforehand that I can vouch for in terms of installation size, so here they are, pre and post-XBL preview update: Halo 3: 6.3 GB -> 5.7 GB (-9.52%) Lost Planet: 6.9 GB -> 6.8 … Continue reading

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Xbox Live Update Preview

Looks like I just got accepted into the program. Mind you guys, I won’t be mentioning anything here NDA (though I’m pretty sure there will be very little, I hope). I’m not sure if developers care enough about the testers … Continue reading

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