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Kojima on Games

Here’s Kojima on developing for different platforms other than the PS3: “I don’t make games for platforms,” Kojima said. “I make games for players, and it’s because of the players that I’m able to be here.” Statement of the century, … Continue reading

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MGO Japan: Training Teachers!

Looks like on the Japan side of MGO, they had classes that teach people to become instructors in specific areas. Here’s the rough translation I came up with: Kept you waiting? On the 21st (Saturday), the elite staff from Kojima … Continue reading

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MGS4 Part 2: Kojima reads my letter!

Holy shit, my letter got read at 19:30! Too bad he still insists that the game is too big. D: Anyways, the game’s English voices are still awesome anyway, even without the Japanese voices. I do hope he will change … Continue reading

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MGS4 Not Bilingual

This is according to the Kojima Productions Report by Ryan, Report #81. Random anime fan mailed in about it. Reason appears to be that the full space capacity of the Blu-Ray has been used up. We still have three months … Continue reading

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