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Phantasy Star Online 2 Media Briefing Fansub

Wow, it’s been a while since I worked on a fansub, but here it is. What we have here is not a fansub done for groups, but a fansub to show the interest and dedication of Phantasy Star fans not … Continue reading

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From NNL with Love

In response to the mayhem from the Leaf Translation Group, this is what NNL has to say…

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TL ethics part trois

You no 1337, you no touch.

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Fan Translations Encourage Developers

This article on July 12, 2007 caught my eye: During E3, we got the opportunity to sit down with Square Enix’s Koichiro Sakamoto, who just recently served as the producer on the company’s Front Mission DS, due for release in … Continue reading

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TL Standard 101

As for how We Suck handles titles and Japanese honorifics – the No. 1 guideline that we follow is: location, location, location.We believe that an anime is in Japanese because: It is set in Japan and is about Japanese people, … Continue reading

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TL ethics, part deux

Rant follows.

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Hiatus? Not really

Just more or less collecting だんご大家族. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. If you don’t know what I mean, go visit the site and please support the Clannad Game Translation Project! 😀

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TL ethics? Oh here we go again

Although this particular situation had concluded a long while back with some form of sanity, it’s started up here again: “the ethics of translation“.

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Haruhiism has gone a long way

It’s funny, only six months ago we had started the Suzumiya Haruhi novel translation project, and now we have 5 volumes completed, with volume 6 mostly done, and volumes 7 and 8 are underway. Hell, the speed we go at … Continue reading

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What fansubbing is

Now the reason why I haven’t commented much on how the current Sprocket-TWH collaboration is doing on fansubbing is mainly due to the amount of flamebait it might catch from people currently watching Kanon. There are a number of things … Continue reading

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