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CLANNAD Movie Review

Dezaki Osamu makes another attempt at adapting one of Key’s works, this time, CLANNAD. Though with only 90 minutes to tell the story, he opts for a different approach which may not appeal to all viewers. Unlike a previous review … Continue reading

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CLANNAD TV: Why only 22?

More after the jump.

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CLANNAD Another Story (Manga)

EDIT: Someone’s corrected me on this; this is actually a manga tankoubon. Hmm… Current details regarding this release: Published Feburary 21, 2008 Normal Edition ISBN 978-4-7973-4664-0, 620円 Limited Edition ISBN 978-4-7973-4665-7, 1,575円 Size: B6/196p Normal Edition Cover: Limited Edition Cover: … Continue reading

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CLANNAD Full Voice gets an upgrade!

http://www.i-love-key.net/archives/2…_voice_cg.html Key notes: 1. Retails for 6800 yen 2. Supports Windows Vista 3. 640×480 -> 800×600 upgrade! 4. Redraws? Looks like it, CGs shown in the link imply so… (Little Busters! style of drawing)

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Looking for translators again

Two weeks in a row, our translators have been busy, and it’s time to look for new ones for CLANNAD TV. If you are interested in helping fansub episodes (have to be available every Thursday approximately one hour after airtime), … Continue reading

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Canned bread from CLANNAD

It comes in seven flavors! Chocolate, strawberry, green tea, butter, raisin, blueberry, and milk! … uh, why is it canned?

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Confirmed at: http://www.tbs.co.jp/clannad/ As announced and reported by MOON PHASE as well as houkoholic, CLANNAD is to air October 4, 2007, 25:55. Stations are MBS, CBC, and BS-i, as MOON PHASE reported.

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CLANNAD TV Lineup Guesstimate #2

Going through more of the game, I figure this might be a possible way to go about things.

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Which means if I can’t get a translator by the time it starts airing, I won’t be able to fansub the series. Anyone out there who can manage? Only needs to be a purely translated script; no timing, typesetting or … Continue reading

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