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Upcoming Anime/Gaming

University’s really taken a toll on the amount of time I have for gaming, but hopefully I should have a few breaks within the next few weeks. My real big break will probably be after the end of April, during … Continue reading

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PSP2 Collab Items Post-Release So it looks like SEGA can afford allowing extra collaborations beyond the UMD space. Might I make a couple of suggestions (though not wholly inclusive): CHAOS;HEAD All the Di-Swords as swords, except for Rimi’s which would be a Twin … Continue reading

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First, the non-spoiler stuff, which is my ratings for the routes: Sena: 7/10 Ayase: 8/10 Kozue: 4/10 Spoilers after the jump.

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Translating blog posts is an interesting experience

You should go and have a read over here. They’re fictional blog posts, of course, but hey, trying to work on personas a little bit is an interesting thing to try out. That said, the blog does look like it … Continue reading

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Official site. Also comes with a 10-second sample of “fake me”, the new OP to the game. TV commercial, 15 seconds (Nicovideo).

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