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Looking for translators again

Two weeks in a row, our translators have been busy, and it’s time to look for new ones for CLANNAD TV. If you are interested in helping fansub episodes (have to be available every Thursday approximately one hour after airtime), … Continue reading

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From NNL with Love

In response to the mayhem from the Leaf Translation Group, this is what NNL has to say…

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TL ethics part trois

You no 1337, you no touch.

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Fan Translations Encourage Developers

This article on July 12, 2007 caught my eye: During E3, we got the opportunity to sit down with Square Enix’s Koichiro Sakamoto, who just recently served as the producer on the company’s Front Mission DS, due for release in … Continue reading

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TL Standard 101

As for how We Suck handles titles and Japanese honorifics – the No. 1 guideline that we follow is: location, location, location.We believe that an anime is in Japanese because: It is set in Japan and is about Japanese people, … Continue reading

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Which means if I can’t get a translator by the time it starts airing, I won’t be able to fansub the series. Anyone out there who can manage? Only needs to be a purely translated script; no timing, typesetting or … Continue reading

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I’ve had discussion on this topic off and on, and thought I might want to discuss it a little bit.

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TL ethics, part deux

Rant follows.

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Coming soon…

This came at the end of Kanon episode 24 while I was fansubbing. :O

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Catchup time

A bit of a rant, read more if you dare.

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