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MG 00 Qan[T] WIP

Pics after the jump.

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1/144 HG Astraea w/ Exia R2 Parts

Been a while since I last blogged. So I went ahead and built an Astraea unit, HG, 1/144. I used one of those magazine boxes with the Astraea HG conversion kits, not the actual Astraea HG box that’s out there. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Anime/Gaming

University’s really taken a toll on the amount of time I have for gaming, but hopefully I should have a few breaks within the next few weeks. My real big break will probably be after the end of April, during … Continue reading

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Thoughts: Gundam UC Episode 1 (Non-spoiler)

Just gave this a watch, and I thought it was pretty awesome. Firefights and drama galore, the animation is top-notch and the soundtrack fits well. Though I should mention the soundtrack would fit more within a Gundam 00 setting, it … Continue reading

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Conan O’Brien and Anime, Part Deux Again?! LOL

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PG 00 Raiser w/ Rotating GN Drive

Holy crap, this is awesome: Almost makes you feel sorry for the people who bought MG Exia. ^^; Source: Official PG 00 Raiser Website

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Regarding censorship on Indie Games on XBL… I did a bit of investigation and checked out the Xbox Live Marketplace… what I found was that 248 Indie games were available on the Japan marketplace, while some 408 were available on the US/Europe marketplace. And of those … Continue reading

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Nishio Ishin

Terrible author. Run-on sentences all over the place, and his writing is so assholish that you wouldn’t even begin to imagine just how much of a pain it is to try and capture the same meaning…

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About the Fate/stay night UBW movie…

There were a number of major problems Studio Deen had with the Fate/stay night TV series a few years back. The biggest one, and probably the major culprit, is that it was billed as being an “original scenario”, covering all … Continue reading

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Conan O’Brian’s Attempt at Dubbing

Oh how you make me laugh.

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