Addendum: Replicator 2x Heating Block Assembly


The raw heating block for the Replicator 2X; this one is milled from Fargo 3D Printing.

I’m not sure why, but there’s an inherent lack of information online on how to disassemble these things, or rather, the correct way of actually disassembling them. This has gotten my fingers burnt, as well as broken a thermocoupler in the process.

Fargo posted online on YouTube very good video instructions on how to do this. Although most of the steps I discovered by myself, the video was only posted recently so it was unfortunately impossible for me to have caught it in time. However, the video only covers removing the heater block; if you want to remove the stock ceramic insulation that Makerbot provided by default, you’ll have to make sure to remove the heat break and nozzle from the aluminum block, remove the heat cartridge screw, and then slowly pry away the block from the ceramic insulation.

Having said that, I’m probably going to go with a silicone mould type, just like in the video.

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