Megaman Legends 3

I posted my comment at Capcom-Unity, but I’ll mirror it here as well:

I heard about this news last night, and was sadly disappointed at the direction Capcom has taken over the past couple of years. Since Lost Planet 2, or even earlier, games from Capcom have started taking a downhill turn, but when Keiji Inafune was let go, I somehow had this feeling that everything was about to go straight into the gutter. Turns out I was right.

Now, I don’t own a 3DS, but announcing a game like Megaman Legends 3 and then canning it shows there’s a huge policy/principle issue with Capcom and how they treat gamers. It’s forced me to re-evaluate purchasing or importing games from Capcom, and I do hope that the 476+ comments posted at this time of writing give them a heads up on where they truly stand as a company.

Also, if Capcom has nothing more to do with the Megaman franchise, they are better off selling it to someone who can do something with it, like a certain Keiji Inafune.

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