More HG Kits from Gundam 00

If you’ve been following my Twitter, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been working on some HG model kits from Gundam 00. Pictures and short reviews after the jump.


Generally speaking, this was not too hard to build. I like how the GN Cannon can mount on the front shoulder piece; now I understand why there was a quadruple-GN cannon setup with this kit. Too bad you’d have to spend money on four Astraea kits just to get it. For this kit, I had painted the eyes with metallic green Gundam Marker and black pen around it to get an effect not unlike the stickers. The Proto GN Sword’s outside lining was painted in metallic silver Gundam Marker; same goes for the inside lining of the GN Cannon.

Because of recycled parts from the “Astraea R2”, I also went and built the head with the visor on. The visor was handpainted in clear blue, and it looks great when it connects on the front of the head.

Avalanche Exia Dash

Quite a number of runners to build this beast. Very heavily armored, and unfortunately very reliant on stickers. I went with Gundam Marker instead, though you can see I’m not great at it. The GN Sword was painted metallic silver on the outside much like the Astraea.

Exia R2

Actually, this was more a reconversion. If you recall my earlier blog post, I had created an “Astraea R2”, but eventually I got a little tired of it and converted back to Exia. You’ll also notice in the gallery that I painted the flywheel metallic silver, and the insides of the GN Drives are painted metallic green. It may seem like the flywheel was painted green, but it’s actually a reflection caused by the lighting from the two. Neat effect.

00 Raiser Seven Sword/G

This one I enjoyed the most putting together. You see, I had initially built 00 Raiser a couple of years back, but it was a botched paintjob, and I had to buy an extra 0 Raiser kit because I had lost some missing parts. Even so, the paintjob was still miserable. This year I opted to buy a 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G kit, and while I was building it, I decided to recycle the old 0 Raiser parts with the good ones (I had plenty to go around). As a result, I ended up with the 00 Raiser Seven Sword/G; you don’t want to mess with this thing. It’s also quite heavy.

The insides of the GN Buster Sword are painted metallic green only on the GN Condenser sections. I was surprised at how easy it was to get it done; I even had time to use a black pen to go around the metallic green section on the white part of the sword. The GN Shields, though an afterthought, were also painted metallic green on the outer edge.

00 Qan[T]

Chronologically speaking, this was actually the first kit I built after the “Astraea R2”. The shield was painted white on the corner, and the headpiece was painted by hand with a brush; with some trial and error, I actually got some interesting practice and skills working on the 00 Qan[T], which carried over to the other model kits in some areas.


Across all of the units, the section under the GN Condenser was painted metallic green where applicable; this was not the case with the 00 Raiser 7s/G, as it had small details on the stickers I didn’t want lost. That said, the lens themselves were either handpainted or airbrushed in clear green. Only the 00 Raiser, Exia R2, and Astraea had their eyes painted rather than having stickers, as they came later chronologically during my work and I had some time to experiment with painting eyes.

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