1/144 HG Astraea w/ Exia R2 Parts

Been a while since I last blogged. So I went ahead and built an Astraea unit, HG, 1/144. I used one of those magazine boxes with the Astraea HG conversion kits, not the actual Astraea HG box that’s out there. That said, I had only gotten it for $10 so at the time it was worth it. Sat on this for so long, so it was time to actually do something with this kit.

The Exia R2 comes with the GN Sword Kai, so I modified it a bit and painted the gray part of the blade white. Looks a little more like the GN Sword III, in my opinion. Back skirt was missing stickers, so I went with red Gundam Marker for that. Top headpiece was also missing a sticker, so I took a toothpick (believe it or not) and dabbed it with a Tamiya dark green.

The GN condensor clear pieces were painted with Tamiya clear green, similar to the method used by rrobbert184. Unlike his though, I don’t think I can see any brush strokes; maybe some very small dabs but almost impossible to notice. It looks great; even better than using stickers to create the same effect.

Legs were also from the R2 rather than regular Exia. GN Shield was painted white, though a bit shabby. I do plan on filling in that space with black if I get a panel lining marker somewhere; anyone got any bright ideas?

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