IGN’s Lost Planet 2 Video Review is Horribad


Seriously, this reviewer needs to start looking for a different career. Problems he has with the game:

  • “Poor level design”, without justification as to why
  • Complaining about the B button being context-sensitive; look at MGS4 and Peace Walker!
  • 2:13, he stands there and shoots at a giant Akrid, just asking to get swiped
  • Controls being “clunky”, but they’re the same as Lost Planet 1! (BTW, IGN gave that 8.0+)

If this is the level of reviews that are out there right now, then I’m not interested in reading them anymore. I’ll play my games, **** you guys.

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2 Responses to IGN’s Lost Planet 2 Video Review is Horribad

  1. The Ender003 says:

    Yeah, those complaints are pretty out there. The only one that seems like it might possibly be valid is the level design. But I doubt it. The score really doesn’t seem to fit with such minor issues.

  2. velocity7 says:

    Not only that, Machinima has given the game 8/10:

    Furthermore, Famitsu 360 apparently has the game at 37/40 (10/9/9/9). I wonder if it’s that big Western reviewers are starting to hate Japanese games in general…?