Re: Major Nelson Getting Hacked, Internet

I read about this story a couple of days ago, and was appalled at the number of people who talked him down, laughing and generally disrespecting the man.

I dunno what to say other than, are you guys idiots?

Account Hacking

Anyone who gets any kind of account hacked has to go through some hassle to get their account back, and sometimes their account is associated with private information that they don’t want coming out. And you guys like to poke fun at the whole idea? I hope you guys get your Xbox Live accounts hacked, and see if you’re singing the same song again.

Trolls on the Internet

It seems like the entire Internet has turned into a breeding ground for trolls to roam and make fun of anything they see. I’m not sure what’s caused this change or why it’s happened, but it’s spreading across many public channels and generally alienating new people from coming in, or making sure that new people that do come in also follow the trend of being a general troll, pissing off people left and right.

Personally, I categorize trolls into two types; ones that do it because it’s funny, in good taste, and everyone has a good laugh. The other does it at the expense of someone else. You can probably figure which kind of troll it is that I’m not quite fond of here.

The overall hate on the Internet has got to stop. Sadly, I don’t see this happening overnight.

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One Response to Re: Major Nelson Getting Hacked, Internet

  1. The Ender003 says:

    It’s pretty sad what anonymity seems to do to some people.