Thoughts: Gundam UC Episode 1 (Non-spoiler)

Just gave this a watch, and I thought it was pretty awesome. Firefights and drama galore, the animation is top-notch and the soundtrack fits well. Though I should mention the soundtrack would fit more within a Gundam 00 setting, it works just nicely here. Nonetheless, this is a nice change of pace from the alternate universe Gundams; I don’t hate Gundam 00, mind you. In fact I loved 00, and I also love how Gundam UC is turning out. Can’t wait for the remaining 5 episodes.

I’m also quite tempted to buy the Blu-ray now. :)

P.S. Non-mainstream Japanese theme song is a plus.
P.S.S. English and Japanese mixed in some places is lol. Does this mean the English voice acting is working alongside the Japanese versions too?

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