STO: Rant

Just thought I’d give a few notes about some of the stupid people on the forums in STO…

  1. The people canceling their subscriptions and/or pre-orders… seriously? Do we look like we care? If the game isn’t what you want, then you shouldn’t have come in the first place. Open beta access? You could have been like me and grabbed it from the nearest free provider; Ten Ton Hammer was mine, which was yours?
  2. Skill point cap? When was the last time we had an MMO where the skill point cap was infinite? I can think of Mabinogi, but you know how much of a grind that game is…
  3. People not reading dev posts when they are posted. What the hell is wrong with you guys? They say something about re-specs, and then you totally ignore it and post something inflammatory and/or totally misinformed, without a care in the world what the actual circumstances are. That’s cool.
  4. The design for an MMO is meant to be able to expand further and further. So what if Starfleet was the only faction that was planned in the first place before Klingons were introduced? Are you saying that Klingons should not be thrown in? Sounds like killing features for the sake of killing them.
  5. How many bug reports have you submitted? I’ve submitted nearly 30 or so, as informative as I can get them. The rest of you lot that are slacking are too busy whining and complaining about the game, rather than being constructive about it and submitting feedback to Cryptic. This is why the game won’t progress any better, and it’s because you lot aren’t being helpful at all.

    On top of that, you pressure the devs to push out updates quicker, and when they do you complain how big their patches are. Gee, I wonder why?

  6. This isn’t EVE Online, so please leave the stupid CAOD-like threads out of these forums.

Hopefully we won’t be seeing you once the actual game hits… I hear only subscribers get to post to forums then.

In a nutshell, live long and prosper.

P.S. Try to be a software developer in a large team before coming to play an MMO still in beta; trust me, it’s a very enlightening experience.

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