Star Trek Online’s Lifetime Subscription

The open beta is still ongoing, join it if you haven’t yet, quite an interesting experience.

On another note, have a look at this stuff. Lifetime subscription for $240 US, 12-month for $120 US. Based on the 12-month, I’d have to play at least 2 years, and based on the regular price I’d have to play at least 16 months for the lifetime subscription to be worth it.

But I have seen worse games, and they have lasted 3 years and still kicking (e.g., Phantasy Star Universe).

Also, (Liberated) Borg as a playable race? Very amusing, lol..

Just wanted to give my two cents on the lifetime subscription. Certainly it seems like a risky plunge, being $240 USD, and needing to play at least 2 years for the subscription to be worth the risk. However, there are two cases of players out there:

  • Players that can spend 24/7 time on the game
  • Players that can only play once in a while

Certainly, players who spend 24/7 in the game might benefit the most. However, these kinds of players are likely to max out their character in the shortest period of time, explore everything, and then have to wait on Cryptic to develop new content, or they have to go on and make new characters to get more bang for their buck. Hmm.

Now, what about casual players? They don’t certainly seem to benefit the most. However, these kinds of players will take a lot more time to level up their character, and end up spending more of their time socializing, exploring, or just chilling out in STO. Chances are more likely they will spend a lot more time in-game, because they still have a lot to do. In particular, by the time they do manage to get it all, Cryptic is likely to start looking at new venues in the lore or quests, and so on.

In fact, based on this analysis, it is more likely casual players might be the ones who benefit the most, and the players who play 24/7 will end up going for maybe 6-12 months and then burn out. Just my two cents though, what do you guys think?

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