PSP2 Collab Items Post-Release

So it looks like SEGA can afford allowing extra collaborations beyond the UMD space. Might I make a couple of suggestions (though not wholly inclusive):


  • All the Di-Swords as swords, except for Rimi’s which would be a Twin Dagger
  • Suimei Academy uniforms for men and women. Women would have more variations, particularly in choices like stocking colors, etc.
  • Seira-tan’s outfit, pre and post-awakening versions
  • Possibly Rimi’s “Final Attack” as a Photon Mirage? Doubtful
  • Hair styles covered from CHAOS;HEAD not already covered by PSP2


  • Kite’s Twin Daggers, Haseo’s X-Form Twin Daggers
  • Data Drain Bracelet as a Photon Mirage
  • All 8 Epitaphs as MAGs
  • Hair styles covered from .hack not already covered by PSP2

Sadly, I cannot think of anything for Steins;Gate. Despite it having a story x1000 that of CHAOS;HEAD, it unfortunately would not fit… :(

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