Regarding the XBL Bans

Okay, I see some myths rolling around in the comments, so I’ll make it quite clear and crisp here:

  1. Even if you mod a console, you cannot play any imports with it. As a result, the only reason you have to mod it is to play illegal duplicates of games.
  2. Only installing games to the 360 is locked out; savegames and others are still okay. On this note, if you install a 360 game to the HDD using one 360, you cannot use it on another 360; you have to re-install it there.

I’m disappointed that the majority of users in the Kotaku comments are misrepresenting #1 and #2 in different and stupid ways to try and defend modding a console, and defend how a console is banned. If you’ve modded your console, you have to be ready for the consequences. Failing to plan for them is planning to fail.

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