RE:5 Benchmark Part Quatre

This time, we’ll be trying out Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit. These are the results:

DirectX 9:

RE5DX9 2009-08-19 22-39-01-15

DirectX 10:

RE5DX10 2009-08-19 22-25-22-59

Since it’s variable benchmarks, the results vary from time to time, so that these two manage to match each other is not too shabby.

Edit: On an extra note, the CPU usage jumped to about 80-90% on DirectX 9 and 10, hmm… I wonder if being on 32-bit before had bottlenecked MT Framework’s ability to use 4 cores? Or was it that my readings back on Windows XP 32-bit for CPU usage were inherently bad?

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