Regarding censorship on Indie Games on XBL…

I did a bit of investigation and checked out the Xbox Live Marketplace… what I found was that 248 Indie games were available on the Japan marketplace, while some 408 were available on the US/Europe marketplace. And of those numbers, only some games were shared but not all.

Needless to say, I think this is more a problem on the author’s part for not checking content restrictions and restricting it to the region it’s supposed to be limited to. Otherwise, all 408 games would have appeared on both marketplaces, rather than this not so mutually exclusive (or not exclusive at all) state of affairs.

Edit: Just found this:

Games are now evaluated for “one world” or worldwide approval.

Each game has to match the standards of all countries we support – that means the strictest standard will be applied for all countries. A game must pass all criteria before being allowed for sale in ANY Xbox LIVE marketplace.

Guess it’s the way the games are made then. If this was the policy, why on earth did the author decide to put a galge like this on Indie Games…?

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