Nishio Ishin

Terrible author. Run-on sentences all over the place, and his writing is so assholish that you wouldn’t even begin to imagine just how much of a pain it is to try and capture the same meaning…

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7 Responses to Nishio Ishin

  1. random.idot says:

    an example or it never happened :p

  2. cosmo2389 says:

    Oh noes… But I wanted to says thanks so much for starting the Bakemonogatari translation project over at Baka-Tsuki (!! I really enjoyed the first two episodes (three through five ran a little long for me O.o), and I really want to read the light novels (I’ve already started reading what you have translated so far!)!!

    At one point in time I had the RAW scans of the first two volumes on my comp, but for some reason I can’t find them now… But I do have text files of them if you need them!! Lol!!! Thanks again for doing what you are doing!! XD

  3. cosmo2389 says:

    Oh yeah, if you would like help proof-reading, I might can be of service… I don’t know Japanese well enough to translate, but my English skills are well enough to provide sufficient editing/proof-reading abilities!! XD

  4. blah says:

    Well, the Bakemonogatari has to be one of the more interesting anime out there. Besides, in my opinion, the novel versions are always better than the anime versions! Thank you for translating this series!

  5. jaiger says:

    i totally agree, its nice to see something new and different. In any case i think the dialogue just captures you and makes you wanna read (watch) more, so im really looking forward to more translations.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to let you know that your hard work and efforts in translating the Bakemonogatari series are very much appreciated.

    Hoping to see more updates, especially in Kizumonogatari! :)

  7. KafkaFuura says:

    Come on, fair enough there are a lot of authors like that – it’s just Japanese :) It’s less convoluted than some other things I’ve read – at least it’s not Mouryou no Hako o.o;