About the Fate/stay night UBW movie…

There were a number of major problems Studio Deen had with the Fate/stay night TV series a few years back. The biggest one, and probably the major culprit, is that it was billed as being an “original scenario”, covering all three scenarios, rather than being one. As a result, they did a bunch of stuff that resulted in it being particularly stupid, or coming off as rushed, etc. In fact, I do think that advertisement and goal with the TV series was why it failed so hard in the first place.

Now they’re making a movie based off Unlimited Blade Works. If you think about it though, not long after the Fate/stay night TV series ended, Kara no Kyoukai’s movies came out, and they were a resounding success. What’s not to say that Studio Deen realizes that what they did was pretty stupid, and that they want to try this again for round 2? After all, people do learn after screwing things up… most of the time.

Of course, this is all just a very dim, but glimmering hope of light for the UBW movie, and I pray that it will actually work out well. If they had billed the Fate/stay night TV series as just being the Fate scenario back in the day, maybe it would have worked out better; all they’d have to do is follow the Realta Nua variation of the Fate scenario.

Better yet, they could have done it as a movie, and that would have worked out as well.

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