Regarding Recent Japanese Censorship

You may have noticed sites like Minori‘s (archive) have been claiming foreign outcry being the reason for the troubles the eroge companies have been encountering, and that we should do something about it. That apparently, we, the foreign people, who do not hold a Japanese citizenship, should mail the Japanese government, and try to convince them to stop this.

I have news for you, Minori; this is not our problem. Never was.

The reason? If the Japanese government were so worried about foreign outcry over things, why is it that they haven’t stopped whaling? We bitch and moan about how you Japanese go off killing dolphins ans whales, and you don’t give a rat’s ass about it. Then some feminists bitch and moan about Rapelay, and suddenly so much happens? Very fishy.

The government’s using what a feminist group has said as an excuse; a pretense to push their agenda. And now they have their momentum. If you want them to stop, the onus is on you, the Japanese people.

The Japanese government could care less about what we think, particularly if it doesn’t serve their agenda. If you want them to stop, you must do it yourself. Do not point the finger at foreigners, because that will not solve the problem. It’s your government, and you people are supposed to shape your government. If not, consider yourselves screwed.

I find it very hard to sympathize with the lot of you if you can’t take responsibility for your own government’s actions.

Edit: Yuzu-soft has decided to do the same thing, now giving us foreigners a 403.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I still think foreigners who care should write in, because it’s better to show support than not to, but don’t expect overnight miracles.