Lost Planet: Original vs. Colonies

Now I’ll be brief here. I’ve only had the benefit of playing Colonies for the past three days, while I’ve played the original for the past, I dunno, two months? Maybe.

Overall, lagginess in the game is attributed to a greater population of Japanese and British players. It doesn’t help that Bell Canada’s DPI is messing with my Internet either, but if you play with Americans or Canadians (assuming you’re in North America), you’re in a much better position to have a more fun experience.

If you want to know what changed from Original to Colonies, here’s what I’ve found:

  • New single-player modes (Score Attack, Trial Battle) and multi-player modes (Counter Grab, Akrid Hunter, etc.)
  • System Link available for those who want to LAN it up
  • All character sets available from beginning (though new ones exclusive to Colonies have to be unlocked by playing online)
  • You get titles at the end of the game for accomplishing certain tasks (e.g., killing 3 players in a row)
  • New weapons (Flame Launcher, Hand Cannon, etc.) and VS weapons (Pile Driver, VS Rifle, etc.)
  • Maximum level is now 200, not 100
  • Voice masks are gone
  • Anyone that shoots immediately upon spawning loses their invulnerability
  • You can die while falling mid-air if someone lands a sniper shot or grenade on you. Not if you’re still getting up from the fall, though
  • Some glitches fixed (e.g., can’t shotgun roll anymore)
  • VS voices have been swapped compared to the original
  • Framerate skips rather than has slowdown (to match PC version probably)


  • Colonies has less online population than original.
    Only if you consider the fact that not as many people bought Colonies, but at the same time consider that less people are on the original version of the game compared to when it released, so it pretty much evens out.
  • Colonies has more people hacking due to the PC version.
    This has not been observed in my first 50 100 matches.
  • Trial Battle is impossible to do in 300 seconds or get 150,000 points.
    Not true, players have been observed having cleared them. I have also cleared in 300 seconds, though yet to get 150,000 points. Also got the 150,000 point achievement.
  • Colonies is more laggy than the original.
    As previously mentioned, there are more Japanese/British players on Colonies compared to the original version. Also to note is that netcode may have affected some things on PC/360 crossplatform play, but otherwise if you play with those local to you, you’ll have a much better experience; pretty much the same as on the original version.

    Generally, if you’re paranoid about lag on Colonies, go with Type B servers (client/server model) as opposed to Type A or Type C (peer/peer model). You will find that it is more reliable, even against Japanese/British players. Another bonus is it allows more people to connect to the server.

  • Japanese players online are not actually Japanese.
    From the gamercards I’ve checked thus far, it does say Japan for location. Their profile also has Japanese text in it, and in-game when they speak, they’re most certainly speaking Japanese. You decide.
  • Colonies has characters exclusive to the PS3 and PC versions of the original.
    Not true. Watch out for this one.
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2 Responses to Lost Planet: Original vs. Colonies

  1. The Ender003 says:

    Cool stuff. I’m interested in the new weapons. Judging by the screenshots I’ve seen, there’s quite a few. And I’m curious what the news modes are like exactly. Oh, and the number of maps.

  2. velocity7 says:

    Although the matches are few and far between, VS Annihilator matches are quite interesting. You have two people who are picked as VS pilots and they can never fall out of their VS, and have infinite energy. In a nutshell, they engage in epic battle while their teams try to help out. :)