Hint for those in Lost Planet

If you have trouble killing a sniper, go and snipe them. They’re too focused on what’s in front of them, so they can’t tell if someone goes around behind them with a shotgun, or is out of their field of view and snipes them. Don’t go ranting post-game that you couldn’t kill this one guy and that he was murdering a team like no tomorrow.

Also, killing is an integral part of Lost Planet. If you don’t like being killed, don’t be on Lost Planet. Easy.

My two cents. :)

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2 Responses to Hint for those in Lost Planet

  1. The Ender003 says:

    Well, part of the problem with going around behind them is their Teammates (if they’re actually competent). That, or not even knowing where the hell the sniper is.

  2. velocity7 says:

    Well, if the two teams are uneven in terms of skill level, then that’s something that can only be fixed by switching around the team members…