Haruhi Season 2 is in HD

But not broadcast as such. Here is why:


There’s a role in here called “HD Editing”. This role is also present in shows like Gundam 00, the new Fullmetal Alchemist, .hack//GU Trilogy, etc. Shows like the first season of Haruhi, CLANNAD, Kanon, and other shows animated in SD do not have this role.

Now before you say anything, none of the TV stations are airing this in HD probably on part of Kyoto Animation’s. It’s likely that there will be a Blu-ray set for the second season (I doubt they would do the first season, and if they do, it’s likely going to be a resize like AIR).

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4 Responses to Haruhi Season 2 is in HD

  1. Well actually, Kyoto Animation revealed in a Kanon DVD bonus feature that all their shows from Kanon on are drawn/produced in HD. (They commented on how the biggest difference about HD is that they drew on larger paper.) That being said, obviously, their shows haven’t been released in HD format to either broadcasters or on home media (K-On is the first of their shows to be released in native HD on Blu-Ray).

    So, anyway, I’m not sure what all that means for this particular credit. It could simply be that they’re now calling this out separately. Also, it’s been mentioned that Studio Gong is a traditionally an audio studio, so perhaps this is referring to 5.1 audio mixing (and they just call it “HD”?). Not sure… In either case, there’s more to the story.

  2. velocity7 says:

    From what I notice, Gundam 00 doesn’t have any 5.1 audio associated with its episodes on its Blu-ray releases, so I doubt it has to do with 5.1 audio mixing. It is possible though, that the HD Editing role is only shown when the actual footage was HD to begin with, and any SD broadcasts that were intended to be SD have it omitted. It doesn’t explain Haruhi’s predicament though, and my guess is that they got lazy and left that role in. We will have to see what K-ON’s Blu-ray release looks like to make a final judgment though.

    Should also note that K-ON’s Blu-ray release doesn’t have 5.1 audio either.

  3. Yeah, who knows. I agree that it being anything audio-related is highly-unlikely. What we can say for sure, though, is that the new Haruhi season is being produced in HD. (Unfortunately, though, Kadokawa announced DVDs already but not Blu-Rays…)

  4. TMSIDR says:

    The rebroadcast of the old episodes looks like real 720p material was used. Unfortunately, the broadcast of Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody looked worse at least in the Raws. I think they will release Haruhi on Blu-ray later in the order of the broadcasting, as a mix of new and old episodes.