Capcom on Lost Planet 2 @ E3 2009

I was watching the  coverage over Lost Planet 2 by GameSpot, GameTrailers, as well as the US Playstation Blog. Came out with these points:

  • T-ENG no longer drops regularly
  • Harmonizer can be activated by holding Start button to recover health
  • Data posts double as respawn points
  • Can sprint
  • Can also transfer T-ENG to other players by shooting it at them
  • VSes can be repaired now (probably using T-ENG), other players can ride a piloted VS
  • Characters can be customized for single-player (and probably multi-player)
  • Split-screen co-op is under consideration by developers, looking into possibility with MT Framework 2.0
  • Modes like Humans vs. Akrid from Lost Planet: Colonies are also being considered
  • Game is announced for the PlayStation 3 alongside the Xbox 360 and release simultaneously compared to Lost Planet 1
  • Problems with Lost Planet 1 that turned gamers off should be addressed in 2 (generalization)
  • Playable demo for gamers will be forthcoming on XBL and PSN
  • Game will be out this Winter

You can see some footage of the game:

GameTrailers – [Extended Trailer][1][2].
GameSpot – [Extended Trailer][1][2][Stage Demo]
IGN – [Extended Trailer][1][2]

GameSpot’s #1 and Stage Demo are actually the most informative of the lot, giving a lot of detail into what you can expect from Lost Planet 2.

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