First, the non-spoiler stuff, which is my ratings for the routes:

Sena: 7/10
Ayase: 8/10
Kozue: 4/10

Spoilers after the jump.


Seriously, what the hell was with the Kozue route? From what I gathered, you could pretty much pin it down to the story of two kids in high school suddenly going mad because of:

  1. their personality
  2. the world around them

And seriously speaking, I don’t mind people dying in routes at all, but the thing is, you should at least make it reasonable and have some kind of meaning. You don’t just write people off for no reason, and particularly when it doesn’t move the story at all, other than showing oh how cruel it must be for Kozue to kill her best friend against her will.

If it were up to me, I would have explored her character backstory more; like, what she was like before she transferred to Takumi’s school, a more psychological breakdown over that whole “Who are you?” line, with the mirror and all. It’s just a shame, they had so much to explore, but I just couldn’t put up with the aforementioned lack of material for the route.


Her route is called “Deus Ex Machina”… I notice that there are a lot of loose ends still left in this, and it certainly raises a lot more questions than it does answer. I was hoping for a more detailed scenario, but I guess given her character, there isn’t much you can do when most of it was already explored in the main route, with the relationship between her and Hatano Issei. Oh well, it’s not a bad route.

And I’m not too certain about whether or not Takumi and Sena died there after blowing up Noah II; they left yet some more loose ends on that one, good job 5pb. Instead of using the namesake to tie up loose ends, you created more! :p


This route stands out to be a lot more reasonable and actually more enjoyable. We get to explore Ayase’s psyche, why she acts the way she does, and how this whole Gradiale thing comes down with her and the world she sees. In fact, she never even saw a blue sky, so by the end of her route, she’s like crying when she finally does, and I thought that was pretty nice. Besides that though, they left some loose ends in this route as well, like, why does she have Rimi and Nanami’s Di-Swords with her, and she’s all bloodied and stuff. Not something that was covered, with her only making some kind of miniscule excuse that we’re supposed to understand, but not really.

I’ll look onto other routes as I get some more time.

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  1. Uberlube of awesomeness says:

    Quick question,how long are the character routes that you’ve played so far?