Mabinogi Expansion

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I’m not really opposed against it and all, but that’s a lot of generations to be plowing through for just one update, isn’t it? Then again, the Korean servers weren’t much better, milking off this for so long…

That said, I’m reading a lot of raging and emofaggotry over how people can rebirth for free once every three weeks (assuming you rebirth at 17), as well as people raging over how you can rebirth once a week assuming you pay.

My two cents? More power to those who really want to pay so much for the AP. It’s totally up to them if they want to burn their money like that, but they better pray that they have the time to actually make at least 40 levels per week to make it even worth it. I only know of a few people who would actually pull that off…

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One Response to Mabinogi Expansion

  1. suning says:

    well this sure will pump up the rich guys because there are ppl that can get lv 60 in one week and for non lag experienced users is rly easy to get at least 40 with about 20-30 hours of playing (that is pretty low for hikikkomoris)