MGO Japan: Training Teachers!

Looks like on the Japan side of MGO, they had classes that teach people to become instructors in specific areas. Here’s the rough translation I came up with:

Kept you waiting?

On the 21st (Saturday), the elite staff from Kojima Productions will be holding Teaching Coaching!

13:00~ KP_Ocky – CQC, Scanning (Intermediate)
17:00~ KP_OTANI – Basic Actions (Beginner)
21:00~ KP_KUNIBERT – Shooting, Weapon Characteristics (Beginner)

*Each class is scheduled to be held for about an hour.
*Attendance for lectures are first-come first-serve.
*We’d like for people to take only one class per person.

Just so people can benefit from the Teaching Coaching sessions, we’ve put up a manual!
Please be sure to listen to the teachers.

Teaching Coaching Manual: (Japanese)

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