SEGA Fails to Support Armored Core

Shame that they don’t… the Japanese side of things currently have Regulations version 1.60 up and available for everyone, but on our side, only the Xbox 360 version gets this glory; the PS3 version still remains at 1.40, and I can confirm this as a fact (at this time of writing).

Furthermore, it appears SEGA has no plans on working on Armored Core: For Answer.

Finally, the site SEGA once had for Armored Core 4 is now offline (the US PlayStation site still links there).

Can we get someone more competent and prompt localizing the Armored Core games, please? It appears SEGA has just gone downhill.

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One Response to SEGA Fails to Support Armored Core

  1. DrmChsr0 says:

    no v7, you are t3h unsupported servers.

    And SEGA upgraded their AC4 servers.