Suggestion: Services and Cards for Gold

This is linked on the Nexon forums. This is also linked at Mabinogi World.

Wait, isn’t this illegal? See my argument below.

Here’s some food for thought about reducing (or getting rid) of gold farmers/sellers.

How about if we could buy services and character cards in Mabinogi for gold? The system could be similar to how EVE Online does it. This is EVE Online’s version:

  1. Buy a Game Time Card
  2. Enter this card into your control panel with ISK price, receive a merchant code
  3. Send this code to a buyer, who enters the code into their control panel
  4. Control panel prompts buyer with ISK price, buyer accepts
  5. ISK is transferred securely into seller’s account, buyer receives effects of Game Time Card

Now this is how Mabinogi should do it:

  1. Seller enters control panel, finds a service/card, and purchases it but opts to turn it into a code that can be entered into any user’s control panel
  2. This code is then re-entered into the control panel with a set gold price, which returns a merchant code to be given to a buyer
  3. Buyer enters merchant code into their control panel
  4. Control panel prompts with gold price, buyer accepts
  5. If it’s a card, buyer receives the card in their character select screen. If it’s a service, buyer immediately receives effects of the service
  6. Gold gets transferred into seller’s control panel, seller opts which character to transfer the account to (note that although all characters on one server share the same bank account, this does not imply that the bank account is shared across multiple servers)

Alternatively, one could do this instead:

  1. Seller purchases service/card, opts to turn it into an ingame item and places it in one of their characters
  2. Seller sells item via trade or Ingame Shop, their choice
  3. Buyer purchases item, then uses the item and it immediately has effects based on what it is

The Merchant Code method helps for people who want to post on forums and let people take it real fast. Ingame is another convenient method for those who don’t want to worry about codes and just want to deal with it ingame.

Okay, so why isn’t this illegal?

Here are two quotes from the website, one from the Terms of Use:

You agree that you cannot and have no right to sell or otherwise transfer any of the Cash Items, or any other content or information included in the Service, in whole or in part, to any third person or entity whatsoever, including, without limitation, on Internet auction sites (e.g., eBay, IGE) or in return for anything of value (including “real” money) or otherwise.

As well as a quote from the website FAQ:

We do not allow users buying items, characters, accounts, or Nexon Cash from any other source other than Nexon Games. We also do not allow users selling or reselling items, characters, accounts, or Nexon Cash/Nexon Cash Items.

By implementing the system above, it makes use of the control panel or in-game mechanics, which is part of Nexon Games, which is first party. For this reason, when the buyer and seller make use of the proposed mechanics, they are making use of Nexon Games, and as such, the system is completely legal and therefore, within the Terms of Use of Nexon’s services.

Nexon Games becomes the transaction handler, and thus is the one responsible for reselling/selling services, Cash Shop items, etc. instead of the seller. If this were not the case, then consider this example:

When you purchase Advanced Play Service, you get items and these items can be traded; they can even be sold in a Player Shop. Users are free to purchase these items, which are now defined as Cash Shop items, for gold. Because they are making use of a Player Shop or trading windows, this is part of the in-game mechanics, which is thus defined as part of Nexon Games. In such a case, Nexon Games becomes the transaction handler, and is thus the reseller. If this is considered illegal, then all of you people on the Korean servers purchasing Cash Shop items from Player Shops are doing very, very illegal things. 😉

Of course, your alternative is to pay someone gold when they offer to Gift you with a card. Pray that they actually follow through on that, though. 😉

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