Nexon, how you make me laugh so hard

Looks like Mabinogi USA updated a couple of things. There are three new movies in the movie folder; one is an updated version of the opening movie. Okay, nothing special.

Another one is an entering dungeon video for tutorials. Okay, no biggie.

The third one is… a 1280×720 teaser trailer of Resident Evil: Degeneration.

How much did Capcom pay you guys? :)

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2 Responses to Nexon, how you make me laugh so hard

  1. dd says:

    A lot, apparently.

  2. Bj. says:

    Go Nexon Fix the dam glitches! How long have we all been waiting, im so fed up of surfing the web wasting the day looking for sulotions. Its stupid. Aswell as that they cant even be bothered to awnser there tickets! I used to praise Nexon now i hate them. Im cant be bothered to install the american version again so this will be the last time!!