CLANNAD Another Story (Manga)

EDIT: Someone’s corrected me on this; this is actually a manga tankoubon. Hmm…

Current details regarding this release:

  • Published Feburary 21, 2008
  • Normal Edition ISBN 978-4-7973-4664-0, 620円
  • Limited Edition ISBN 978-4-7973-4665-7, 1,575円
  • Size: B6/196p

Normal Edition Cover:


Limited Edition Cover:


More details in Japanese here.

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One Response to CLANNAD Another Story (Manga)

  1. Misuzu says:

    I think you have the covers backwards. I have ISBN4665-7 and it’s the first one :3 Comes in a box with a pleather bound school agenda with the Hikarizaka emblem. Also, better late than never right? :3