Canned bread from CLANNAD

It comes in seven flavors! Chocolate, strawberry, green tea, butter, raisin, blueberry, and milk!

… uh, why is it canned?

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8 Responses to Canned bread from CLANNAD

  1. Moogy says:

    I sure do love bread. In cans.

  2. Espr says:

    If meet can come in a can, so should bread!

  3. DrmChsr0 says:

    At least it’s not canned penis, lol

  4. rollchan says:

    LOL! Canned sausages would do that! LOL! anyway, that’s cute, Canned bread, endorser is Nagisa! =D

  5. Fuko chyan says:

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  6. rollchan says:

    ni hao ma??? 😀

  7. Dave says:

    Where can I get some?

  8. Akio Furukawa says: