TL ethics part trois

You no 1337, you no touch.

From the Leaf Game Translation Group:

We decided to give [the To Heart 2 Translation Patch] only to people we know extremely well and trust to not distribute to pirates, and have told them to distribute it, if they wish, to only others who are likewise familiar to them. Who are these people? Well, if you know them well enough, they might just tell you. Or even give you the translation. If not, well, too bad.

So, what? You release to channels so niche that if we don’t know them, we can’t get it? That’s pretty good… not as great as the Wind “BREAK THE SUPPORT DISC” e-drama though. If you’re going to cause e-drama with translation projects, you oughta do better than that.

Seriously though, once someone leaks it to a tracker, it’s all over. What “trust” is there on the Internet anyways? Someone is going to leak it, and all that hard work to keep it in “niche” channels will be all for nothing. And the only thing you’re gonna do is sit there and cry.

I know some people have been pissing you off in your forums, and I see generally speaking that there’s a lot of that hate coming from them, but that’s no reason to be doing this. All that’s doing is acknowledging their trolling and implying that their trolling will affect game translation projects. If you give in to them, then you take the Internet way too seriously for your own good.

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2 Responses to TL ethics part trois

  1. Seno says:

    Wow, it makes you wonder why they even put time into the fan translations. It’s like they are trying to satisfy their own ego and stir up unnecessary drama on the internet. It’s just a matter of time before they “break” and relieve themselves from their stance. The internet is serious business :P.

  2. LianYL says:

    Haha, elitism is good.

    This is why wiki translations are always better?