Fan Translations Encourage Developers

This article on July 12, 2007 caught my eye:

During E3, we got the opportunity to sit down with Square Enix’s Koichiro Sakamoto, who just recently served as the producer on the company’s Front Mission DS, due for release in the US this October 23rd… we told Mr. Sakamoto that a fan translation had been done some years ago for Front Mission 1, and asked how he felt about such efforts. The producer replied that he actually found them very encouraging — it’s something the developers should be doing, but because they’re not, the fans are doing it instead. He stated that he’d like to be able to give something back to the fans, and would like to thank personally each of the fans that worked on the translation.

So before any of you people quote anything from the Berne Convention about copyright infringment… think of what the developers feel first. They want us to encourage their work!

Of course, if the big boys license it and want to get to work on it, let them. That’s their job, anyway. :)

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