CLANNAD TV Lineup Guesstimate #2

Going through more of the game, I figure this might be a possible way to go about things.

Main route should cover:

  • Nagisa
  • Sunoharas’
  • Koumura
  • Fuuko
  • Yukine
  • Misae
  • Kotomi
  • Kappei

Kyou can’t make it into the showing. It has a lot to do with the fact her route is purely the run-of-the-mill romance and having very little to do with the family theme central to the game…

Tomoyo’s route is all about her trying to become Student Council President so she can keep the sakura trees from being cut down so when her younger brother, Takafumi enters, the two can walk together with the sakura trees still around. Lots of family themes, but one problem. Tomoya has to get involved and romance between the two is the main conflict; conflict between the romance and her job as the President. Without that conflict, she’s sure to keep the trees around, but no lights are going to be given to Tomoya (due to lack of involvement). Tomoya has to be there.

I did a quick math with the game so far; 82% of the game revolves around the School Life section, and 18% of it in the After Story. If we were to go by that, After Story would be 13 episodes, and School Life would be 59 episodes (!!). Of course, that’s unreasonable; it should be possible to cover School Life in 26 episodes (given the merging), with Kyou and Tomoyo’s routes in DVD specials. Of course, this means shafting the two in the main anime, but not much can be done in this regard due to the way their stories were written originally; unless Maeda can come around and come up with something completely new for the two (yet allowing them to give lights for 幻想世界).

List of possible DVD specials:

  • Kyou’s route (likely two DVDs)
  • Tomoyo’s route (likely two DVDs)
  • Sunohara, TV, and games
  • Red Lightning Flash Zillion
  • Baseball route
  • Yukine’s spells
  • Fuuko Master
  • All the CLANNAD Another Story chapters, including the ones in the fanbook

Doing it this way, it’d leave some leeway for Kyoto Animation to do a Tomoyo After OVA (likely 3~4 episodes).

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